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GM Diet Benefits

The GM diet or the General Motors Diet is largely a diet that aims at losing weight by controlling what you eat. Legend has it that it was started for the employees of General Motors but this is not true at all. It is a fad diet that quickly became popular world over for its ability to make the dieter lose weight.

The diet is a 7 day diet. You tend to eat more fruits and vegetables, especially in the first two three days.
By day four, you will also start to eat lean protein like beef and tomatoes. You are also allowed tea and coffee but have to avoid cola and other sugared drinks.  The GM diet benefits include quick weight loss and detoxification. The GM diet’s health benefits include a large amount of roughage and fiber that you ingest. If you want to continue this diet beyond 7 days, you should take some rest of 3 to 4 days where you eat normal food before you continue on this diet. One thing often overlooked is the consumption of water. If you are on GM diet, remember to consume lots of water in the course of the days when you are on the diet.

There are many benefits of GM diet including improving the digestive systems, gives more energy and helps you stay healthy. This diet helps you burn more calories, helping you lose up to 5 kilograms in those 7 days which in turn helps you cope with obesity. It makes you fit and helps bring your body in to shape. You can lose up to 2 pounds daily but nutritionists emphasize that it depends on which fruits and vegetables you choose. The water-based fruits and vegetables are always a good idea.

The GM diet is called a fad diet as it includes a strict diet which guarantees a rapid weight loss. Often with diets like the GM diet, once you go off the diet you tend to put on all the weight you have lost. These diets are also not ideal for people who have existing health problems or for women who are pregnant. They can also have side effects and it is helpful if you consult a doctor before you decide to go on the diet. Most fad diets cause nutritional deficiencies and the GM diet is no exception. A short nutritional deficiency can lead to many long term problems especially because the weight loss is not sustained.
Submitted on January 16, 2014