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High Protein Vegetarian Diet

When anyone mentions a high protein diet, usually the next assumption is that it will be a meat-rich diet with lots of eggs and dairy. But there can be high protein vegetarian diets too. You can start by keeping track of how much protein you are ingesting and increase it according to what you need. An average person needs about 55 grams of protein.

A low carb, high vegetarian diet would include nuts, seeds, soy and tofu and beans. You have to increase the quantity of some items in your food if you want to increase your protein intake without adding meat to your diet.

You should eat plenty of whole grains like quinoa and oats. These can be eaten as a base grain with added herbs and vegetables. For people who crave carbs, these grains can act as a replacement for rice. Different seeds like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds may be added to your salads and steamed vegetables for a crunch, you can make butter out of them and include them in your shakes and breakfasts or you can eat them just roasted. Almonds and walnuts also have a lot of protein. But these nuts are high in fat so eat them only in small quantities. Eggs make a very high protein snack if you do eat them. Free-range organic eggs can contain up to 6 grams of protein. You can have them in many preparations for instance; you could poach, scramble them or choose to eat it as an omelet. See also vegetarian diet chart

Beans like chickpeas and various kinds of lentils are an excellent source of protein. You can make individual curries or add them to soups and broths or even salads. Low fat dairy is also an excellent source of protein for vegetarians. Low fat cottage cheese and yogurt can often be topped with sweet and savory toppings to create different meals every time. A high protein vegetarian diet plan can even include protein shakes if you feel like you are not getting enough protein. High protein diet for vegetarians, like the non-vegetarian ones, are also low carb. The recipes for the high protein vegetarian diet are easy to find and make. There are books dedicated to eating well as a vegetarian. A simple replacement rule is use the vegetable protein in the recipe you find instead of the meat protein. You can grill it the same way and add all the identical vegetarian toppings. You will also find many meat replacement products that look like meat, taste like meat but are in fact vegetarian protein. High protein vegetarian diet recipes are easily available on the internet.

Submitted on January 16, 2014