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Herbs and Alternative Cures
Benefits have been derived from various herbs and alternative cures from centuries, but lately a lot of light has been thrown on this topic. Herbs in the recent years are often looked up on as the lost treasure. More and more people are turning to herbal treatments and alternative cures as a first option with an intention of preventing a disease, relieving the symptoms, or curing the diseases. Being healthy can not be judged by the external appearance alone, a person who is visibly fit can have multiple nutritional deficiencies or some health issues, so it is necessary to be internally fit, by keeping all the internal organs healthy.

Herbs are unlikely to cause any side effects and are generally safe to consume if used knowledgeably, however they should be used with a word of caution and prescription especially for pregnant, lactating women, children, people with allergic reactions and people with certain health condition or on medications.
As all herbs might not be suitable for all people and all the disease condition, and the ones that are appropriate needs to be taken in a particular dose, excess or less of them might just not help. Do not alter your medical regime while taking any herbs and do keep your doctor informed as an interaction of herbs with medicines is common.

Numerous herbs have various medical value and many medical drugs are derived form these compounds found in these herbs. Some conditions can be completely cured by bypassing the bombardment of strong drugs on the body, simply by using certain herbs and alternative cures. Moreover it is a very cost effective way to treat an illness.
There are various alternative cures which include meditation, aroma therapy, music therapy, massage therapy, water therapy, yoga, color therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, reiki, faith and healing the list can be endless and is gaining lot of popularity among people in various countries of the world. Any alternative cures should be practiced under the guidance of a trained professional according to ones necessity to drain maximum benefits out of them.

Complete cure might not be possible by just using herbs and alternative cures but they will definitely help to safely heal the body to much extent with out causing any side effects, if practiced appropriately. Alternative cures and herbs are embraced in many countries worldwide and also promoted by many health care professionals as complimentary medicine to treat an illness and for general well being of a person.

Any Natural Cure For Fistula In Ano?

Fistula-in-ano or ano-rectal fistula is a condition in which there is an abnormality in the connection between the epithelial surface of the anal canal and the perianal skin. Anal fistulas are painful and can be pus-laden as well.

An effective natural cure for fistula in ano is to sit in warm water containing potassium permanganate every night for ten minutes. The application of a poultice of calendula on the affected region is also effective. However, you should not use this home remedy for fistula in ano if the affected area is bleeding. The application of a medicinal preparation of comfrey herb, honey, and wheat germ oil is also effective.

Do consult your doctor if the problem persists.

Is Papaya Good For Stomach?

Papaya contains a unique digestive enzyme known as papain. Papain is a powerful enzyme which dissolves the proteins and carbohydrates present in the foods you eat. Therefore, a regular intake of papayais very good for the stomach. Since ancient times, mankind has used papaya for stomach related problems.

You must include ripe papayain your daily diet to treat stomach disorders. Most health care providers advise eating papaya for stomach pain. In case of dysentery, eating unripe papaya as a vegetable is very good. Green papaya for a stomach upset is an excellent choice.Thus, papaya is one of the best fruits to keep your stomach healthy.
Submitted on January 16, 2014