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Ancient Art Of Healing And Healing Secrets

Medicine has come around a full circle. The latest trend in medicine is the adoption of ancient indigenous healing techniques and herbs to treat everyday ailments. Many scientists and pharmaceutical houses are engaged in researching these traditional methods of medicine.

One of the interesting studies in this field was carried out by the late Harvard anthropologist, Nicole Maxwell. Ms. Maxwell spent months traveling through the Amazonian jungles to discover the ancient healing techniques of the Amazonian Indians.

Her research has been published as a book titled Witch Doctor's Apprentice.

Traditional Healing Practices And Ancient Healing Techniques

Some of the interesting discoveries that she made have been described below:

  • The Indians would use the sticky resin from the Incira tree (Chlorophora tinctoria gaud) to painlessly extract decaying teeth. This resin was put in the cavity of the decaying tooth and the tooth would then fall off without using any painful extraction procedures. 
  • Burns were treated by using the bark of the Yuca plant (Manihot dulcis).
  • Acne was treated by applying a poultice of the Plukenetia vine. This treatment also ensured that no scars were left behind.
  • Arthritis was treated by using the roots of the Hiporuru shrub (Alchornia).
  • The shavings of the root were mixed with rum and left to ferment for a month.
  • After this period, wild honey was added to the concoction and it was used to treat even the most severe cases of arthritis.
  • A tea like concoction made of the plant Chanca piedra was used to treat kidney stones.
  • To stop bleeding, the sap of the plant Croton salutaris was used.

Further research is needed to verify these observations and adapt them into use for treating such ailments in other parts of the world.   

Submitted on January 16, 2014