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Difference Between Jams And Marmalades - Enjoy The Sweet Difference

Jams, marmalades, spreads, jellies and preserves are all modified concoctions of fruit pulp, fruit extracts, juices, sugar, and sometimes pectin. The point of differentiation is that some of these preparations can contain pieces of fruit in them, while most others do not. Jams, marmalades and spreads are widely used on bread or to fill cakes, muffins and cookies; its delicate texture is firm enough to hold its form when brought out from its container.

How Are Jams And Marmalades Made?

Jams are prepared from a dense combination of fruits or fruit pulp, sugar, and at times pectin. The mix of these ingredients is heated until the fruits go soft.
The fruit is strained, but sometimes tiny pieces may remain. Jams usually are made with a minimum of 40 percent fruit solids blended with 60 percent sugar.

Marmalade on the other hand is a type of preserve that comprises of parts of citrus fruit peel. The most common kind of marmalade is made from bitter Seville oranges. Spreads can be either fruit-based such as conserves, made from a mix of fruit pulp, nuts, and sugar.

A spread can be used on breads or biscuits. Fruit based spreads are prepared from fruit juice concentrates substituting all or part of the sugar. In the case of preserve, normally, the amount of sugar solids in a preserve comes from fruit, although preserves contain large pieces of fruit. Another form of spread is known as fruit butter which is made by heating fruits in spices until the blend becomes thick and smooth. A conserve on the other hand is like a preserve but often includes more than one fruit and also contains nuts.

Jams and spreads that are made from healthy options such as fresh fruits and the minimum amount of preservatives or additives can be beneficial but should be consumed in small quantities, owing to the high amount of sugar in them.

There are many alternatives to choose from when it comes to jams, marmalades and spreads. You can select from the many options available such as apricot preserve, marmalade made from oranges, strawberry or raspberry spread, organic fruit and honey, blended berry or fruit preserve, grapefruit preserve, fig preserve, blueberry spread, prune preserve, blackberry preserve, peach spread, etc.

Organic produce makes jams or spreads healthier and does not compromise on the taste. Most jams, spreads and marmalades can be made from exotic fruits and berries, a touch of herbs or licorice root for added flavor and health. Marmalades have gone beyond oranges to include sweet-tart flavors, such as mandarin pumpkin, grapefruit, sweet lime etc.
Submitted on January 16, 2014