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  • Health Benefits, Nutritional Properties and Side Effects of Amaranth
    Amaranth Health BenefitsAmaranth is a grain that is becoming rapidly popular. Though amaranth is called a grain, the plant it grows on is actually an herb. There are about 60 types of amaranth plants. The greens of the amaranth plant are also edible. They can be cooked for a side[...]

  • Vitamin B Foods | Food Sources Of Vitamin B | Vitamin B Benefits
    Vitamin B FoodsThere are thirteen essential vitamins that are required for the proper functioning of the human body and Vitamin B is one of them. Vitamin B is usually referred to as Vitamin B complex, since it covers a group of eight essential vitamins, all of which are water soluble[...]

  • Benefits of Bitter Melon for Diabetic Patients
    Melon For DiabetesThere are many different forms of melons, all of which belong to the gourd family. Most of these melons are eaten as fruits including watermelon, musk melon and cantaloupe. These fruits, though high in natural sugar, are often a part of healthy diets. One such melon is the[...]

  • Turnip and Watercress Juice Health Benefits
    TURNIP Brassica rapa Turnips are an excellent source of vitamin C, calcium, and oxalic acid. These nutritional elements are concentrated in the tops of the turnip, so do ensure that you buy whole turnips with their tops intact.Turnip juice is good for the kidney stones and is also used[...]

  • Sea Vegetables - Source Iodine, Vitamin K and Other Nutritional Facts
    Sea VegetablesSea vegetables are neither plant nor animal.  These belong to the algae group, and thrive in salt or fresh water.  Sea vegetables also need sunlight to survive and grow.  Better known as seaweeds, it comes in different algae variety.  This has also been a regular[...]

  • Nuts - Benefits and Nutritional Information
    Dieting And Nuts - How Can They Help?Most of us may find it hard to believe that dieting and nuts go well together. A weight loss program focuses on eating the right kinds of food so that you burn more calories than what you consume.Nuts figure prominently in proper[...]

  • Egg Nutrition Details - Proteins, Vitamins and Healthy Recipes
    Egg - A Multi-Vitamin Supplement Packed With Egg ProteinsEggs are rich source of all nutrients except vitamin C. There are hundreds of recipes in which eggs are used as main dishes or as binding agent, foaming agent, leveling agent, decorative agent, boiled, poached, scrambles, and omelets. Egg Nutrition Facts And[...]

  • Feta Stuffed Mini Peppers Dip Recipes With Baked Feta
    Stuffed Feta Cheese Recipes For Salad Italian Feta Dip Ingredients: 14 mini green bell peppers 4 ounce feta cheese, crumbled 2 ounce spinach Method: Preheat the oven to 375 degree Fahrenheit. Wash the spinach thoroughly and chop off its lower stems. With a sharp knife, cut the leaves of spinach[...]

  • Parsley: Facts, Nutrients, Uses and Health Benefits
    ParsleyA balanced meal will always have fish, meat, fruits, and generous portions of vegetables.  Each food group promotes good health when taken in the right proportions.  Eating more meat than fruits and vegetables can lead to ailments like heart disease and arthritis.   The beneficial nutrients in[...]

  • Spinach Antioxidant Properties | Osteoporosis Prevention With Spinach
    Spinach - All Facts And Figures About Spinach With six vitamins, 10 minerals, protein, fiber, and omega fatty acids, spinach ranks high in the vegetable department.  There are also 13 different flavonoid compounds that make it a super antioxidant or efficient anti-cancer agent.  Constituents Of Spinach:These flavonoids[...]

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