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  • Jaw Wiring for Losing Weight
    Losing weight by the method of getting one's jaw wired.[...]

  • Energy Drinks - Information and Side Effects on Your Health
    Energy Drinks Side Effects on HealthEnergy drinks are usually consumed when a person does a lot of physical exercise or is out in the sun for long periods and gets dehydrated because of intense sweating. At such times the water content in the body has to be replaced or the[...]

  • Healthy Diet Food Products: Review and Research
    Diet Food Products: Is there any use of diet food products. How will this help? Can anybody help me?[...]

  • Activities that Burn Calories | Burn Calories Exercise | Metabolism Burning Calories
    There are many activities that burn calories effectively. Simple daily activities like walking or dancing can also help an individual burn calories. However, it is a well known fact that all of us have different metabolisms, and as such burn up the calori[...]

  • Green tea weight reduction by burning fats stored in the body
    Green Tea For Weight Loss Daily consumption of Green tea helps in weight reduction due to a process called thermo genesis, where fat stored in the body is burnt. There is no harmful cardiovascular side effect’s associated with it. Studies have shown that daily consumption of 2 cups[...]

  • Alcohol And Jaundice Ailment
    What kind of diet regime is to be followed when one is suffering from alcholic jaundice?[...]

  • Burn Fat Faster with Small Frequent Meals and Green Tea
    Burn Fat FasterSkipping meals is no more the mantra for weight loss, but small frequent meals burn fat faster and in an efficient manner. Avoiding a meal decreases your metabolism, which in turn results in storage of calories. The calories that are stored are not burnt. Certain simple modifications in[...]

  • Adult Bed Wetting Causes, Remedies and Prevention
    Adult Bed WettingAdult bed wetting is a problem that occurs in adults worldwide. They don’t disclose this problem to anyone or even to a doctor as they find it very embarrassing to talk about it. Adults tend to sleep soundly and may wet the bed at night unknowingly[...]

  • Low Blood Sugar Diet Plan | Foods To Avoid In Low Blood Sugar
    Low Blood Sugar DietLow blood sugar or hypoglycemia is a condition wherein the person has a blood sugar level which is lower than the required blood sugar level. Hypoglycemia rarely is an illness in itself. Most often it points towards another underlying health condition. Lack of glucose can affect the[...]

  • Home Remedies For Wheezing Cough | Wheezing Cough Home Cures
    Treating Wheezing Cough At Home Effectively The first thing to be aware of with reference to a wheezing cough is that you need to know how long you have had it. If this kind of a cough has lasted for more than a few days, your first step should be[...]

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