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Energy Drinks Side Effects on Health

Energy drinks are usually consumed when a person does a lot of physical exercise or is out in the sun for long periods and gets dehydrated because of intense sweating. At such times the water content in the body has to be replaced or the person needs to get rehydrated and may drink water in large quantities. When a person sweats a lot he looses electrolytes along with water but often only drinks water to rehydrate himself. Excessive water consumption can cause an imbalance in the body of electrolytes which could prove to be fatal. This is known as water intoxication which is a rare occurrence and can affect the functions of the central nervous system.
What the person needs at such a time are sports energy drinks.

Sports energy drinks are of three types:
  • Hypotonic drinks which have a lower concentration of sugar and salt than what the body has,
  • Hypertonic drinks which have a higher concentration of sugar and salt than our body
  • Isotonic sports drinks which have the same level of sugar and salt as the body.

Healthy energy drinks especially those which are specially designed for athletes and sports persons prevents water intoxication and has the right combinations of water and electrolytes to rehydrate the person once again. Most sports energy drinks have a ratio which is very like the ones found in the human system and this rehydrates the person without any side effects. Those drinks which do not have the proper ratio of electrolytes can cause some energy drinks side effects like water intoxication, because of consumption of excessive fluids which do not have the right concentration of electrolytes in them. The effects of energy drinks help the person to recover faster and delay the onset of exhaustion and fatigue in sports persons or in those who have to remain active in extremely hot weather. Such people are usually at the risk of heat illness and if the rehydration is not with the right kind of drinks could suffer further damage. In such cases they may have to seek the help of qualified medical professionals.

Natural, Organic Energy Drinks

Natural energy drinks are usually made at home with ingredients which are readily available in our kitchens. Smoothies are the most popular energy drinks which also give you a lot of nutrients like proteins, carbs, minerals, vitamins and a certain amount of fats. You can add fruits, soy milk, honey or any other flavor which you prefer. The only equipment required to make these drinks is a blender or a juice extractor. However, if you need to rehydrate your system and not just boost your energy levels then commercially available healthy sports drinks are the best and not the homemade energy drinks.

Some of the popular list of energy drinks will be available on the internet. These are high energy drinks which instantly boost your energy levels and do not let you feel exhausted. Often there is caffeine in energy drinks which are a natural pep up at any time. Caffeine is known to enhance the performance of sports persons and increase their energy levels. Energy drinks usually have different ingredients in them which are known to give the person a boost in their energy levels almost instantly. However, if you need these energy enhancing drinks often it is best to do consume them with the advice of your doctor so that you are made aware of any side effects.

Organic energy drinks are the latest craze among those who vouch for anything organic. There are several brands of organic energy boosters in the market which claim to give your energy levels a new high. You can make your own organic energy drink by using vegetables or fruits which are organically grown to make a fruit and vegetable cocktail with natural honey and salts in it.

Submitted on January 16, 2014