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juice fasting

  • Onion Juice For Hair Loss Treatment | Dandruff Remedy Using Red Onion And Its Seed Oil
    Onion paste for hair loss is an age old remedy that has been tried and tested by many. Onion juice for hair loss can also be used to provide relief from an itchy and unhealthy scalp.Regular onion hair loss remedies can be used over a[...]

  • Carrot Juice for Diabetes: Health Benefits for Sugar Patients
    Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which a person’s sugar levels in the blood are high. It can be caused due to the body producing less amounts of insulin or when the cells no longer respond to the insulin that is produced by the body. Diabetes (apart from[...]

  • Health Benefits of Consuming Lemon Juice
    Lemon Juice Therapy And Lemon Detox DietJuice therapy is a method of treating diseases, using a diet that only consists of fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Juice therapy has been shown to be effective in the treatment of many illnesses, and works well to give the body’s digestive[...]

  • Malaria Virus | Malaria Symptoms, Treatment | Recovering From Malaria
    Malaria virus - The most common symptoms of malaria are headaches, muscle pain, chills and shivering as well as fever.Preventive measures include avoiding areas that have been recently populated with mosquitoes.[...]

  • Pollock Fish, Coffee, Cranberry Juice For Gout Treatment | Apple & Cherry Juice For Gout
    Fish contains a high amount of purines and hence is not recommended as part of your diet for gout. Due to the buildup of excess uric acid from purines[...]

  • Foods Containing Uric Acid | Diet Items Rich & High In Purines
    Uric acid rich foods (that contain purines) are red meat, organ meat, green leafy vegetables, beans, pulses. To reduce the level, orange juice is recommended as it is purine free.[...]

  • Myths of Weight Loss
    Weight-Loss Myths Non-vegetarian diets are unhealthier than vegetarian diets and it is very difficult to lose weight --- Actually it is not vegetables or meat, but total number of calories consumed daily that determines weight-loss or weight-gain. However in a strict vegetarian diet you lose essential vitamins[...]

  • Apple Juice - Concentrate, Calories, Recipes and Benefits
    Apple Juice Health BenefitsApples and apple juice have long been recommended as the perfect food to maintain good health and to keep the doctor away. The unique combination of vitamins, phytonutrients and flavanoids in apples and apple juice acts as a protective barrier against diseases, particularly those related to cell[...]

  • Treatment for diarrhoea | Home Remedies To Ease Diarrhoea | Diarrhea Treatment
    Home remedies for diarrhoea - Diarrhea is a condition that refers to the frequent passage of watery stools. Overeating or eating of the wrong kinds of foods can usually cause diarrhea.[...]

  • Jet Lag: Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Treatment and Diet Plan
    Jet Lag Diet & NutritionThousands of travelers suffer from jet lag after travelling long distances. Jet lag occurs after crossing several time zones, as the traveler’s body clock is out of sync with the time at the destination. This causes disorientation and makes it difficult for the body[...]

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