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  • Treatment for Food Allergies and Home Remedies for Rashes
    Food Allergy TreatmentMany people think that in order to treat a food allergy you need to first figure out which food is causing the allergy and then simply avoid it. But it is not always so simple and hence you need to understand your food allergies a little better, in[...]

  • Surgical Masks in Allergy - How and When to Use
    Surgical MasksSurgical masks are covers made of paper or other non-woven material that are applied over the mouth and nose by doctors and other health workers to reduce risk of contamination from secretions of the mouth and nose in operation room or clinics.Surgical masks in allergy Surgical masks[...]

  • Benefits of Diet Food List: Healthy Body & Mind
    Diet Food List: What is a diet food list and how is it helpful to me? Please give me some advice.[...]

  • Gluten Allergy - Symptoms, Diagnosis and Foods to Avoid
    Gluten AllergyAn allergy is described as a condition where the immune system of the individual’s body reacts to some foreign object in an aggressive manner. Individuals who suffer from allergies experience symptoms that arise from the reaction of their bodies rather than from the substance that they have[...]

  • Yeast Allergy Symptoms, Treatment, Diet and Foods to Avoid
    Yeast AllergyAn allergy is described as a situation where the body reacts adversely when it comes into contact with a particular substance. The substance is known as an allergen. Under normal circumstances, the contact of the body with this substance should cause no symptoms whatsoever. However, when the individual is[...]

  • Home Remedies for Allergies | Causes of Allergies | Natural Treatment for Allergies
    Allergies Home Remedies Allergies are a very common occurrence, but all too often simply get confused with a normal reaction to some kind of irritant. Having a clear understanding of what exactly an allergy is, is key to help prevent any allergy outbreaks and controlling the condition. Getting into specific[...]

  • Best Time To Eat Banana At Night | Eating Bananas During Cold & Cough
    Eating unripe bananas at night cannot cause cold. In infant & child; it increases mucus and phlegm production causing fluid buildup within his/her respiratory system.[...]

  • Symptoms of Food Allergies in Babies and Adults
    Food Allergy SymptomsFood allergies are a very common occurrence and are known to affect a large majority of the people in the United States of America. Before getting into the details of common food allergy symptoms, it is important to understand first exactly what a food allergy is. A food[...]

  • Specialized Diet Plan for Milk, Yeast, Gluten, Egg and Corn Allergies
    Allergy Diet, Foods Food allergies are a very common problem, affecting thousands of men, women and children around the globe. It can be described as an immune system reaction, which occurs after the consumption of certain food items. Even consuming the tiniest amount of food that you are allergic to[...]

  • Skin Allergy - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
    Skin AllergiesThere are some allergies that manifest mainly in the skin, like eczema, contact dermatitis and urticaria (hives). They can be collectively called skin allergies. What causes skin allergies?When the body is exposed to allergens it has been previously sensitized to, the allergens trigger an allergic reaction. The contact[...]

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