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  • How Does Weight Loss Lead to Healthy Living & Long Life
    Lose Weight and Live LongerWalking burns calories, which helps to prevent and control obesity along with a whole lot of other diseases. It boosts the immune system by producing chemicals that do everything to ward-off colds to preventing cancer. It also decreases stress and strain and provides mental relaxation[...]

  • Obesity among Children and Adolescents | BMI To Measue Obesity
    Obesity is measured by the BMI or the Body Mass Index. This Index is measured by the equation weight/height², though this equation is more commonly used to classify obesity among adults, the same equation is also used for children for find out obesity amongst children. In the last[...]

  • Tips to Reduce Weight | Oats For Reducing Weight | Reducing Belly Fat
    Oats For Reducing Weight - Reducing weight is more vital than just looking good.Reducing your calorie consumption is a good start.[...]

  • Daily Calorie Chart | Food Calorie Chart | Daily Calorie Intake
    The daily calorie chart is primarily based on first understanding and calculating the number of calories that your body will require on a daily basis and then trimming your food consumption to meet those levels.[...]

  • Obesity Virus or Infectobesity Symptoms and Treatment
    The concept of an obesity virus, known as infectobesity, was put forward by a university professor and scientist. This concept suggests that obesity may be caused by a chronic viral infection. The scientist proposed that many people suffer from obesity due to their poor dietary choices, while many also fall[...]

  • Foods to Prevent Obesity | Diet for Obese Children | Causes for Obesity
    Obesity is a condition that affects a large number of people across the world. It is not a virus, but is a condition that is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or, in some cases, by hormonal issues that affect the digestive process. Obesity is defined as the condition where a[...]

  • Obesity and Genetics Information for Better Treatment
    Obesity And Genetics Information For Better Obesity TreatmentGenetics was always considered to be an important factor in childhood obesity, but only in recent years, have we found out that it is actually the key factor. Studies now estimate that the effect of the individual’s genes accounts for nearly[...]

  • The Connection between Leptin and Proper Weight Control
    Leptin and Weight ControlLosing weight has become quite a huge burden of late as compared to years ago. While there have been technological and scientific findings that make obesity weight loss and weight controls seem easier, it actually is harder these days because of the high calorie foods and processed[...]

  • Healthy Weight Loss Foods for Kids
    Easy Weight Loss For Kids: My 4 year old son is overweight. Is there Easy Weight Loss For Kids.[...]

  • Eating Tips by Paul Mckenna | Paul Mckenna Diet & Weight Loss
    Paul Mckenna Weight Loss-The best part of Paul McKenna’s weight loss program is the fact that it does not necessarily revolve around hypnotic techniques, although the individual is a world renowned hypnotist.[...]

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