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  • How Many Calories are Present in Indian Chapatti (Flatbread)
    Flatbread CaloriesCalculating your calorie intake plays a significant role in any weight loss plan as they are the primary building blocks of the storage of fat cells in the body. The calories in the food you consume are burned by the body to generate the energy required to perform your[...]

  • Beans Carbohydrates | Carbs In Green Beans | Carbs In Black Beans
    Beans Carbohydrates - The high content of carbs in green beans is worth noting. Athletes will need to consume diets of high carbohydrate content in order to prepare their bodies to have the energy levels that they are going to require in order to perform.[...]

  • Biscuits, Cookies Leading to Obesity - Healthy Options
    Biscuits And Obesity: How To Keep Obesity At Bay?Biscuits are an integral part of the daily ritual of afternoon tea if you hail from the United Kingdom or any of the Commonwealth nations. In the US, reaching for the cookie jar has been one of the fondest culinary experiences[...]

  • Right Calories in Food for Weight Management
    Calorie foods for weight managementIncrease in energy expenditure and decrease in energy intake is related to weight loss management. Choice of right calories food helps in effective health weight management. A weight loss diet involves fiber rich foods, with low fat and carbohydrates. Foods with complex carbohydrates such as whole[...]

  • Protein Diet | High Protein Low Carb Diet | Sources Of Protein
    A high protein diet is one among popular diet types that is particularly followed by body builders and nutritionists. A high protein diet is ideal to build muscle mass and lose fat.[...]

  • Diet For Diabetes Patients For Reducing Uric Acid
    Gout Causes And Treatment For Diabetes And Uric Acid What is the best diet for people with diabetes and high uric acid..? Diabetes is a metabolic disorder and is not a disease. It is caused by the inadequacy of the insulin hormone or due to its improper functioning. It is[...]

  • Diet for Obese Women - Foods to Eat, Avoid and Side Effects
    Diet for Obese Women Obesity is characterized by excessive body fat and it is a serious health issue for women of all ages. The number of obese people is on the increase, putting immense pressure on an already overburdened healthcare system. A person is considered obese if his or her[...]

  • Health Risks of Eating Junk Food for Children, Skin & Brain
    Learn about dangers of consuming excessive junk food on skin and brain. Harmful effects on children of eating fast food or junk food can result to aggressiveness, highly irritability and health hazards like obesity.[...]

  • Exercise for Obese People | Get Rid Of Excess Weight | Tips for Obesity
    Obesity is a rather common problem today. There are several exercises for obese people that can be used in order to get rid of the excess weight and the important aspect here is that you need to focus on sticking to a regular schedule.[...]

  • Adolescent Diet Plan | Healthy Menu For Adolescents | Adolescent Meal Plan
    Adolescent Diet Plan - One of the most effective adolescent meal plans is to consume a glass of milk early in the morning, while making sure to avoid consumption of coffee or tea that could potentially interfere with the body’s ability to consume calcium[...]

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