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Paul Mckenna Easy Weight Loss

Hello there - how will Paul Mckenna Easy Weight Loss help me to shed some weight?
(November 17, 2010)

Paul Mckenna Weight Loss

Obesity is a growing problem all over the world, with some nations going as far as labeling it as being a pandemic. The fact that a number of people are under the impression that the ill effects of obesity or being overweight are restricted to the impact it has on an individuals aesthetic appeal shows that there is a lot of ignorance and misinformation surrounding the condition. In fact, the aesthetic effects that obesity has on the body are really the least of an obese individual’s problems. The complications that develop under the surface are of much greater concern. These conditions include heart failure, chronic respiratory illness; blood pressure and cholesterol problems amongst many others that will significantly impact the quality of life that an individual leads.

While there are a few groups of individuals that can point the finger of blame at hereditary and genetics as being the major causes of obesity, these are in the minority. In most cases, the condition stems from a lack of appropriate nutrition and a lack of adequate exercise. The lack of appropriate nutrition is a common sight in today’s world where we all live very fast paced and hectic lifestyles – causing us to rely heavily on the convenience of fast foods that lack any of the required nutrients and vitamins that help the body perform optimally. Moreover, these foods are also crammed heavily with empty calories that serve no purpose other than adding to the fat layers of the body. The lack of exercise means that the body does not have any outlet or channel in order to burn these excess calories – causing a buildup that results in the development of obesity.

Because of the fact that obesity is such a common and global problem, there are a number of diet plans as well as weight loss regimes that have been developed and perfected all over the world that can help you get in shape. Most of these follow the rules of either strict dieting or significant amount of exercise or through a combination of both. All in all, it is the ones that incorporate a combination of eating the right kinds of foods and a well planned exercise routine that is known to be more effective while also ensuring that the body retains some kind of shape.

The best part of Paul McKenna’s weight loss program is the fact that it does not necessarily revolve around hypnotic techniques, although the individual is a world renowned hypnotist. In fact, an individual can choose to use the suggested hypnotic techniques if he or she chooses to increase the effectiveness of the plan, while the weight loss program is very effective without it as well. The Paul Mckenna Weight Loss has conducted some extensive research into some of the factors that allow an individual to lose weight and remain thin. It revolves around changing a few of your subconscious responses to certain foods and exercise while also reigning in any food cravings that an individual may experience. With this diet plan from Paul McKenna, an individuals health is not ignored and certain foods are allowed as well to ensure that the person does not starve his or her body of required elements such as protein and carbohydrates. The Paul McKenna diet plan is said to incorporate over 13 years of extensive research culminating in the weight loss book that can be purchased from the internet or your local bookstore. A lot of this Paul McKenna fitness regime revolves around the mental state of mind and helping an individual form a better slef image of their body shape and size.

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Paul Mckenna Easy Weight Loss 

Paul McKenna is a hypnotist. He has laid down a system of eating, wherein diets forms the basis for compulsive eating. Simple guidelines of the Paul McKenna diet system are:

  • Eating when you are hungry.
  • Eating what you desire. Avoid thinking about what you think you should.
  • Eat consciously and slowly chew your food to enjoy what you are eating.
  • Lastly, when you know you are full, stop eating.

These principles are different from the traditional diets, which imposes a lot of rules. According to Paul McKenna, the major reason of obesity is emotional eating. A Hunger scale is available that helps in opposing and understanding the feelings of fullness or satiety. Your hunger is graded between 1 and 10, wherein 1 stands for physically faint and 10 for nausea feeling. Emotional response is easily identified, from physical satiety by feeding this scale. Changing the eating pattern in a positive manner and helping people do the same through non-linguistic programming was the speciality of the Paul McKenna diet. Optimistic changes in obese individuals are created, helping the individuals achieve success.

Submitted by E L on June 20, 2008 at 05:36


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