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counting calories

  • Pregnancy Diabetes Diet
    Gestational Diabetes Sample Diet: I need a Gestational Diabetes Sample Diet? I am 5 months pregnant and my blood sugar level is high?[...]

  • Information on Yams - Calories, Uses and Impact on Your Health
    Introduction: There are about 200 varieties of yams which are perennial tubers and belong to the family of Dioscoreae. The yams vary in colors according to the variety and have fleshy interiors with an earthy taste and are not very sweet. The shapes and sizes of yams differ but they[...]

  • Vegetarian Lunch Ideas and Recipes for Kids
    Vegetarian Lunch IdeasA homemade lunch is definitely more nutritious than any snack that you pick up at a fast food joint. With these fantastic vegetarian lunch ideas, not only can you eat healthier food, but do so while not burning a hole in your pocket. In fact, preparing lunch using[...]

  • Papaya Health Benefits | Papaya Nutritional Benefits For Pregnancy, Weight Loss, Diabetes
    Papain in papaya helps to maintain smooth, healthy, youthful and glowing skin. It may induce abortion or inhibit normal growth of the embryo, if consumed during pregnancy.[...]

  • Healthy Snacks Ideas and Recipes for Good Health
    Healthy SnacksSnacking is one of the areas where even those who have sworn to eat healthy, slip up. When you are busy all the time and taking special care to make all your main meals healthy, you end up snacking on chips, cookies and sodas, which are definitely not healthy[...]

  • Carbonated Soda - Facts and Effects on Daily Consumption in Meals
    Soda With MealsIf you’re planning to lose weight, a strict diet along with a regular exercise routine is a must. The principle of losing weight is to consume less calories than you are able to burn. If you want to maintain your weight, it is alright if you[...]

  • Walking, Running For Back Pain Relief | Spot Jogging For Backache
    For stiffness related problems, it is essential to walk for joint jogging for a period of about 45 minutes at a speed of 4 miles per hour will lose about 240 calories.[...]

  • Healthy Tips for Including Fiber in Everyday Diet for Diabetics
    Fiber for DiabetesFiber is an all-important part of the food we eat. Fiber is part of complex carbohydrates and is not completely digested by the body. Fiber is divided into soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber is fiber that does not get completely digested, while insoluble fiber passes through[...]

  • Advice on Safe Weight Loss
    Safe Weight Loss: How do I safely lose weight without any side effects? I am looking for proper counseling on losing weight safely. Can someone advise me?[...]

  • Body Cleaning Diet
    Fat Flush Diet: I have heard about this Fat Flush Diet. What is this all about?[...]

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