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Gestational Diabetes Sample Diet

I need a Gestational Diabetes Sample Diet? I am 5 months pregnant and my blood sugar level is high?
(February 28, 2011)

A woman’s body goes through a lot of hormonal changes during pregnancy.  Some of the hormones produced during pregnancy may block the effect of insulin, creating an insulin resistance. In a majority of women, the pancreas simply increases insulin production to counter this. In some cases, however,   even the increased supply cannot overcome the insulin resistance, and the woman develops gestational diabetes.  The condition is most commonly treated by making dietary changes and following a suitable gestational diabetes diet plan.

It is important to monitor blood sugar levels during pregnancy as raised levels can affect the development of the baby.  Personalized gestational diabetes diet plans can be charted out with the help of a dietician or by following the gestational diabetes diet guidelines given by one’s doctor or hospital. To maintain constant blood sugar levels, it would be better to eat several small meals during the day rather than consuming three large meals. Carbohydrate counting should be used to spread the total intake of carbohydrates over several meals to avoid sudden variations in blood glucose levels. 

A gestational diabetes diet aims to ensure that the expectant mother gets the required nutrients to support the growth of the fetus and have the energy to carry on with her routine activities.

Women who are obese and those with a family history of diabetes or a history of gestational diabetes in earlier pregnancies are likely candidates for gestational diabetes. Hence, a gestational diabetes diet menu should focus on including low fat dairy products, low carbohydrate foods like whole grain bread, brown rice, or whole wheat pasta, lots of green leafy vegetables, and citrus fruits like grapefruit. It is best to avoid high calorie desserts as well as desserts that use harmful artificial sweeteners.

Many websites on pregnancy and healthcare have a sample gestational diabetes diet that can be used as a model to formulate a gestational diabetes diet plan menu that incorporates personal favorites and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Gestational diabetes diet recipes using whole grains, beans, and vegetables ensure that the complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber present in them satiate hunger pangs for a longer time. Along with an appropriate gestational diabetes diet, it is essential that the expectant mother gets adequate physical exercise everyday. For those who exercise routinely, a fruit snack may be needed before the session at the gym if more than two hours have passed after the last meal. 

Changes made to dietary habits to combat gestational diabetes will continue to contribute to a healthy lifestyle even after the condition disappears with the birth of the baby.

Here are a few tips for those suffering with gestational diabetes:

• Follow a healthy diet that involves reducing your sugar consumption. At the same time, increase your vitamin and protein intake. Make sure your diet has small amounts of carbohydrates and sodium.
• Include plenty of vegetables and fruit in your diet. Avoid fruits that have high sugar levels.
• One way to manage your sugar levels is by eating at specific intervals. Small meals should be eaten every two and half hours or so.
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Gestational Diabetes Sample Diet 

Diabetes during pregnancy increases the risk for mother as well as the foetus.Ovarian and placental hormones reduce the insulin sensitivity and as a result insulin requirement goes up during pregnancy. Majority of women with gestational diabetes become normal after delivery although some of them have a risk of developing diabetes during subsequent pregnancy.

Calories needs to be calculated in pregnant women taking into consideration the extra calories needed by the pregnant women which comes up to the addition of 300 calories into the diet. From the calories about 45 to 60 % of calories should come from carbohydrates, 15 to 25% from protein and 20 to 30 % from fat.

A sample diet for women having gestational diabetes is as follows:


3 slices of brown bread with 1 tsp of low fat bread spread.

1 cup cooked oatmeal with skimmed milk added  


1 fruit
1 vegetable with high water content like tomato or cucumber.


2 wheat or cereals
1 small bowl pulse preparation or lean meat preparation
1 bowl vegetable preparation (cooked)
1 skimmed milk yoghurt
Can add 1 tsp of vegetable oil to the preparation
A small bowl green salad.

 3 crackers

½ cup sugar free pudding or custard
½ cup sprout mixture with tinge of lemon juice.

1 Cup of cooked pastas
A small bowl of steamed vegetables
1 tsp of margarine added
1 cup fruit salad


1cup of skimmed milk.

Submitted by A M on June 12, 2008 at 08:32


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