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counting calories

  • Why Cold Drinks are Bad for Health - Soft Drink Hazards
    Calories in cold drinksYou’ve probably heard from scores of people about why cold drinks are bad for you. As it turns out, they were right. When it comes to calories, counting them in cold drinks are a bit of a moot point. Before we examine why this is[...]

  • Burn Up More Calories and Exercise Regularly for Flat Abs
    Getting tight, toned abs is not easy! Yes, all the young models in glossy magazines have firm six-packs, and even some celebrities might attempt the washboard magic, but the truth is that it’s a lot of hard work. For tighter abs, you need to focus on abdominal[...]

  • Common Myths about Weight Loss or Proper Weight
    A conscious effort to maintain a proper body weight, gives rise to certain inhibitions and misconceptions regarding weight loss. Fad diets are never recommended by nutritionists, as it results in weight recurrence and becomes difficult to abide by, due to monotony. Though, it assures immediate weight loss, inability to follow[...]

  • Ideas for Preparing Lunch within 100 Calorie
    100 Calorie Lunch With obesity on the rise, there are a number of people all paying careful attention to the food they consume. Different ideas such as the 100 calorie lunch, 200 calorie lunch, 300 calorie lunch, 600 calorie lunch are all gaining increasing importance. Calories are the primary factor[...]

  • Whole Milk Nutrition Facts - Skim Vs Low Fat
    Whole milk is the purest milk that you can get. There was a time when whole milk was considered the best kind of milk there was. However, in this fitness obsessed world, whole milk is quickly losing its importance. Whole milk is rich in cream and therefore, is full of[...]

  • Recommended Calorie Intake with High Protein Low Calorie Diet Plan
    Healthy Calorie IntakeWhen you are trying to lose weight, no matter which diet plan you follow, you will need to avoid the consumption of excess calories, if you want to be successful. The recommended healthy calorie intake is in the range of 1,200 to 1,400 calories per day[...]

  • Health Benefits and Calories Present in Mushrooms
    Calories in Mushrooms  Given that mushrooms are a regularly used ingredient in a number of meals that we prepare, understanding the amount of calories in mushrooms will help us better understand the degree to which they can affect our health. The amount of calories in mushrooms, as with any[...]

  • Guidelines for an Idiot Proof Diet - Weight Loss Plan
    Idiot Proof Diet Idiot proof diet is a easy to follow diet, which is accessible to everyone. The theory of the idiot proof diet is the adjustment of the intake of calories and nutrients ratio, thereby preventing the availability of a pre established metabolic rate. Slowing down of the[...]

  • Healthy Diet Tips For Diabetics
    Diet To Avoid Diabetes: Is there anything similar to Diet To Avoid Diabetes. My mother is a diabetic, and would like some dietary tips for her.[...]

  • Weight Loss with Zone Diet
    Zone Diet Food Delivery: I would like to know where and how to obtain foods that are recommended in the Zone Diet. Where are the places for the Zone Diet Food Delivery?[...]

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