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Exercise Benefits

Exercises need not be stressful, painful or exhausting to produce beneficial effects. Moderate exercises are capable of preventing heart disease. Strenuous exercises can do more harm than good. It can raise blood pressure to dangerous levels, cause irregular heart beats and may actually cause a heart attack or stroke. Studies have proved that moderate exercise can prevent deaths due to cardiovascular diseases.
  1. Moderate exercise has an independent effect in preventing heart disease and stroke despite Cholesterol, B.P.
    and age.
  2. Women belonging to 30%-50% range of fitness development had lesser incidence of heart disease than women in the bottom 20% zone that had 70% higher incidence.
  3. Men falling in 30%-50% range of fitness development had lesser incidence of heart disease than men in the lower 20% zone who had 50% higher incidence.
  4. A little bit of exercise is all that is needed to decrease cardiovascular risk. Finally, walking was proved an effective exercise in preventing heart disease without the added risk of injury and disability, which keeps occurring, in more strenuous exercises.

 Exercise and its Benefits

Given the fact that obesity and simply being overweight are so common, it is important for people to understand the many complications that the condition cases and how significantly it can impact the course and quality of their lives. For instance, while the most prominent aspect of being obese is the effect it has on an individuals aesthetic appeal, the more serious concerns are the fact that it promotes some very serious conditions such as heart failure and chronic respiratory illnesses. Moreover, as a direct result of the increased weight, the amount of stress applied onto the knee and ankle joints is significantly increased, thereby being the primary cause of knee and joint pain that is likely to play a very substantial role in the individuals lifestyle.

God health must reap the advantages of healthy dieting and exercise benefits in equal measure in order to be attained.  A lot of the blame for the widespread obesity is the fact that we regularly consume fast foods as a result of the fast paced lives that we lead. These foods, it is important to remember, have no actual nutritional value and do nothing more than actually add to the layers of fat within the body.

When talking about exercise and its benefits – the primary role that it plays is that it helps burn the excessive calories that have been stored in the body after being converted into fat. It is this process and this alone that allows us to reduce the overall weight of our body. Dieting and an intake of the right kinds of food in optimum quantities helps maximize the effect of the exercise we perform. As a result, if you are looking to lose weight, it is highly recommended that you combine the advantages of proper dieting with the many exercising benefits.

One of the biggest advantages when it comes to reaping the exercise benefits is the fact that it is not exclusively restricted to the gym. If you want to attempt exercise and weight loss with the equipment often seen in gymnasiums all over the country, most of them can be purchased and set up in home gyms. However, the exercise benefits can also be taken advantage of without any substantial equipment, simply running is going to help burn any of the additional weight while also improving aspects of your body such as its cardiovascular effectiveness.

Submitted on January 16, 2014