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Kids meal plan should have all the essential nutrients:

Can I have any chart suggesting what to feed 1.5 yr old kid as he is not willing to eat anything except milk?

Your kid is now a toddler and is growing at a slower pace than before. Feeding a toddler can often be challenging as they become very picky and in general hesitate to eat and try new foods. But planning an appropriate diet pattern for your child will help to include different healthy foods in his diet. Remember that your child is not growing as fast as he used to grow in the first year of life. So his needs will also differ, moreover some kids may have a small appetite.

So firstly don't get obsessed with his food and stop forcing him for any food he doesn't like.

Although there is no need to count any calories in this age an average young toddler needs around 1100-1200 calories per day. This will not only give you a better idea of his needs but also help to plan out his diet properly. You mentioned that your son only drinks milk with junior horlicks. If he is drinking 16-24 ounces of milk per day then his calorie intake just from milk will be 300-450 calories (19 calories per ounce approximately). Suppose if you are still breastfeeding then your child is getting most of his calories from milk, almost double than what mentioned above. In this way about 70% of his calorie needs are sufficed by milk itself (excluding the calories from sugar and junior horlicks which is added in the milk). So now it is not surprising that your child is not hungry for other foods.

Firstly you need to decrease the milk consumption along with the sugar you add in the milk. Don't give him more than 10-15 ounce of milk per day. Rest of the calories can be divided in the meals to inculcate good eating habits and diet. A 1.5 year old child can be given all the meals like an adult, just his requirements would differ. Surely all his teeth might have not erupted, for that you can mechanically smash foods and introduce it to your child. Never introduce all the foods at one time as this will create taste confusion for your kid and he may reject all your efforts of feeding him at once. Introduce one food at a time like soft cereal grovels, porridge, mashed vegetables, stewed fruits or whole fruits, boiled rice with mashed and boiled sprouts or beans and vegetable soup. Boiled potato with some cheese, eggs, and fish are also healthy options. You can give him finger foods like raw carrot or a stick of celery or cookies as this along with improving his chewing skills will also help him to develop taste for new things.

Submitted on January 16, 2014