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Raw Food Diet

I heard of raw food diet. Does anyone have any more details?
(April 20, 2008)

Advice on Raw Food

Raw food diet is a diet of complete raw foods that was followed in the pre historic years, before the invention of fire. The enzymes in raw foods help in the digestion process, thereby keeping the metabolic processes in a smooth manner. They have higher nutrient values than the cooked foods and the wild edible foods are considered the best. Vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy are part of this diet. Raw foods and food cooked till 105 degrees falls under this category.

Other popular diets, such as Wai diet, garden diet, primal diet, instinctive eating, and fruitarianism involve many of the raw foods. Certain foods, such as grains and pulses require soaking and germination, which facilitates easy consumption.

Raw foodists are those who follow the raw food diet. Certain amount of care is essential while following this diet. Sprouts and kidney beans are poisonous when raw. Rhubarb leaves and buckwheat greens are toxic when consumed raw. Certain bacteria and microbes in raw foods result in various illnesses. Washing them properly helps. Solanine in potato is an alkaloid which is seen under the peel. Removal of peel or pressure cooking helps in elimination of this alkaloid. Reduced bone density resulting in osteoporosis, underweight, amenorrhea and dental erosion are the side effects of raw food diet.
Submitted by E L on April 20, 2008 at 11:38


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