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Overweight Men

How to check if I am overweight and what can I do reduce weight?
(September 13, 2011)

The ideal way to find out if one is overweight is to calculate ones BMI or body mass index which is a tool that helps one measure the proportion of body fat taking into consideration their existing weight and height. Typically those who have a body mass index of 30 or even more are considered to be obese whereas those with a body mass index of 29.9 are considered to be overweight. In order to lose weight one should modify their lifestyle as well as their diet to include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and foods that are rich in fiber as fiber makes an individual feel full for a longer period of time thereby minimizing their intake. One can also lose weight by minimizing their intake of saturated fats ad instead increasing their intake proteins from lean meats such as poultry in addition to taking up some form of physical activity such as walking, jogging  etc.

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Do overweight people sleep more?

Studies have shown that there is an obvious link between the amount of sleep that an individual gets and his or her overall weight. However, while it was previously thought that excessive sleep was contributing to the development of obesity; studies have actually shown that a lack of sleep and overweight development are directly proportionate. While sleeping, our bodies are actually known to burn calories. Individuals with a normal body mass index will usually sleep longer than individuals that are obese. However, it is important to understand that the link between being overweight and the amount of sleep one has is rather complicated as obese individuals are known to lead a sedentary and lethargic lifestyle – making it seem that they get more sleep than individuals with a healthy BMI.

Moreover, there are also a number of different overweight sleeping problems such as sleep apnea that could have a very serious effect on the way in which you live your life as well as affect the quality of sleep that you get. Serious cases of sleep apnea may even require you to use a specific machine that will ensure that you are able to breathe continuously in your sleep or there is a chance of suffocation in the middle of the night as a result of the involuntary cessation of breathing.

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Do overweight people sweat more?

There are a number of factors that will directly or indirectly contribute to the extent to which an individual sweats. Some of these factors include environmental conditions, intensity of workout, hormonal influences as well as hereditary and genetics. Studies have shown that being overweight and sweating are very closely related. Excessive sweating in overweight people is more common than it is in fit people because of the fact that they are burning more fat in that period of time. This is primarily because, unlike in fit and healthy individuals, the body of an obese individual will fall back onto his or her fat reserves in order to produce the energy required to perform the workout.

Overweight sweating also has to do with the fact that sweating is essentially a biomechanical process that is focused on cooling down the body. Studies have shown that an obese individual’s body is likely to get hot faster than healthy individuals, especially in situations of high intensity such as rigorous exercise. Another factor that on needs to consider when it comes to excessive sweating in overweight people is that since the average area of skin on their bodies is more than a healthy individual of the same height proportions, they also have more sweat glands present. This causes more sweat to be produced by the body.

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Do overweight people snore more?

Snoring is something that affects millions of people across the world. People tend to snore when there is some minor obstruction in the airways. During deep sleep, the muscles of the neck and throat are all relaxed. This leaves them loose and prone to vibration if air passes over them. When an individual breathes in this state, he or she will snore. Snoring occurs from the back of the throat and not from the nose as people tend to mistakenly believe. Nasal snoring happens only when the individual has a blocked nose and is resolved immediately when the block passes. When it comes to snoring in overweight people, it is true that this tends to be more pronounced and more prevalent. Overweight individuals have plenty of excess fat on their bodies. The excess fat around the chin and neck tends to compress the wind pipe, thus enhancing the effect of snoring. This compression may just reduce the width of the pipe by a few millimeters, but this is enough to make the individual snore. Snoring in obese people is one of the smallest problems that such individuals face. Over time, obesity can cause a number of health problems including problems associated with breathing such as asthma and breathlessness.
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Does being overweight affect height?

The height of an individual is determined by various factors such as genetics and nutrition. There is some relationship between an individual’s height and overweight condition. However, this relationship may account for small differences and not major changes in the height of the individual. The logic behind this is the fact that the bones of the spine have to carry more weight in an obese individual than in one who isn’t. Therefore, the normal spacing between these bones of the spine gets reduced. This can lead to the spine being slightly shorter than it would normally be. However, the height in obese people tends to be fairly similar to their any relatives that share the same DNA who aren’t obese. Obesity causes many other health problems that must be understood and dealt with by the individual. The effect on the spine is also very dangerous for long term health. Overweight people will suffer from spinal damage as there will be a continued excessive strain on their bodies from day to day. People who follow an upright posture will not face so many issues as compared to those who sit slouched. It is best to lose weight and maintain a healthy normal weight through efficient exercise and healthy diet practices.
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Health Issues for Overweight Men

Men who have a BMI of more than 25 % are likely to be overweight or obese (BMI more than 30 %). Overweight men simply have excess weight that is beyond a healthy ideal body weight. This weight gain is due to faulty eating habits like including lots of calorie-dense fatty and sweet foods and lack of physical activity. Men also get more calories from alcohol compared to women. Although many alcoholic drinks mention that they are carbohydrate free they have alcohol. Alcohol by itself is high in calories and provides 7 calories per gram which is near to fat which provides 9 calories per gram. Also the accompaniments and snacks which are taken while drinking are fried or loaded with fat which add on more calories than alcohol in the diet. Overweight men should watch their weight and try to maintain an ideal body weight if they want to avoid risk for a series of other diseases like diabetes, impotence or erectile dysfunction, heart diseases, high cholesterol levels, hypertension, joint diseases and cancer. Lifestyle modifications which involve a healthy balanced diet and regular physical activity should be the mantra to lose weight and remain fit and healthy. This will also help to reduce the risk of all the mentioned diseases.
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