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GM Motors Diet advice

Is it okay to eat fruits on the 2nd day of the GM Motors Diet?
(February 25, 2011)

GM Diet Plan

There are many rumors surrounding the introduction of GM diet. The most popular one though insists that auto company General Motors formulated the GM diet in the 1980s as a weight loss program for its employees. Furthermore, stories that GM or General motors diet was created in partnership with John Hopkins University or USDA approved are also untrue. Despite these swirling rumors, the general motors diet is popular both due to its curiosity factor and as a weight loss diet that works. GM diet is a calorie-restrictive and fast-acting diet.

The seven-day GM diet plan claims to take off 15 to 17 pounds off your body weight at the end of the diet. Diet experts attribute this preliminary weight loss on GM diet to water loss. GM diet is an excellent detox diet with its emphasis on consuming liquids and flushing out body toxins.

If you wish to lose weight quickly or have to meet a weight loss deadline, the GM diet is a viable option. However, note that any short-term diet such as the GM diet must be followed under medical supervision. If you suffer from pre-existing health conditions, talk to your doctor or dietician before you embark on the GM diet.

General motors diet plan. The GM diet chart focuses on consuming fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of meats, dairy, and brown rice. GM diet works for vegetarians since the emphasis is on plant proteins. Animal proteins maybe substituted in the GM diet for vegetarians by including soy products such as tofu, soymilk, and soy yogurt. The General Motors diet for vegetarians may include GM’s wonder soup, which consists of celery, onions, bell peppers, tomato, cabbage, and herbs or seasonings. You may also include any of your favored vegetables or salad greens to this soup. The soup acts as a supplement and dieters are encouraged to drink unlimited cups of this soup to satisfy their hunger and rehydrate.

Here is a breakdown of the diet over a seven-day period:
• On day one, you are encouraged to consume a wide variety of fruits, especially melons. Bananas are restricted on day one.
• Day two starts with a breakfast of a baked potato with a pat of butter to fulfill your need for complex carbohydrates. You may also consume unlimited quantities of raw or cooked vegetables.
• Day three allows unlimited quantities of vegetables. However, no bananas or potatoes can be consumed on day three of the GM diet.
• Day four allows dieters to consume eight bananas and drink at least three glasses of milk. This is to provide your body with potassium and calcium. Additionally, you may consume GM’s wonder soup, which will provide the body with sodium.
• Day five allows dieters to consume animal protein such as lean cuts of beef and six tomatoes. The GM diet also emphasizes drinking a large quantity of water to flush out the uric acid produced by the body.
• On day six, you may feast on beef and unlimited quantities of vegetables.
• Day seven allows dieters to consume brown rice, vegetables and fruit juices.

During the GM diet, it is best to abstain for alcohol. However, beverages such as green tea and herbal teas, soda, black coffee, and fruit juices on day seven maybe included.
GM diet side effects. The GM diet focuses on calorie restriction. It does not include any exercises for long-term weight loss. Despite its success as a weight loss diet, there is no guarantee that you will be able to sustain the weight loss. The GM diet may also not fulfill all the essential nutrients required by the body.

Without an author or diet designer, the GM diet plan maybe freely available, but there is no one to answer specific questions regarding food substitutes. For example, vegetarians may substitute animal protein with plant protein. However, there is no prescribed solution for individuals who are lactose intolerant and cannot consume milk.
Submitted by R B on February 25, 2011 at 01:18


Advice on GM Motors Diet

No, it is not fine to eat fruits on the second day of general motors diet as according to the plan you are suppose to have any fruits in any quantities (except bananas) when you are hungry on the first day of the diet. On the second day you are suppose to have lots of fresh vegetables (except potato) when you feel hungry, in raw salad form or in cooked form. To supplement the diet you can have special general motors soup in which different vegetables like cabbage, tomatoes, celery, green pepper, onions (except beans) are boiled in water. When you follow any fad diet it is important to keep in mind the rules for best results. On all seven days of a GM diet you are suppose to have plenty of water (at least 10 glasses a day) and strictly avoid alcohol. Water intake is increased to flush the toxins and uric acid from the body and alcohol is simply prohibited as it adds on extra empty calories and no other nutrients. On the third day you can have a mixture of fresh fruits and vegetables except bananas and potato, as you get enough carbohydrates from fruits. On the forth day you can have bananas, milk and soup to recoup the missed potassium and sodium from bananas. On the fifth day have beef and tomatoes (rice instead of beef if you are a vegetarian), this will help add proteins, vitamins and fiber in the diet. On the sixth day the diet would be same as on the fifth day but instead of tomatoes you can add other vegetables also in the diet. On the last day that is the seventh day you can have brown rice, fruit juices and lots of vegetables. 

Submitted by S M on April 2, 2008 at 08:17


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