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Exercise and fitness program to build stamina

Please suggest best exercises to gain stamina
(October 11, 2010)

The human body gets accustomed to leading an inactive or sedentary lifestyle. As a result of this lack of exercise we get tired very easily and are unable to go about our daily tasks effortlessly.  If you are constantly feeling tired and find that you lack the energy to go about your day to day chores, here are a few simple tips to increase your stamina. If you build your stamina you can work harder and not get tired, and also do more physical tasks.

These simple stamina building exercises can be extremely beneficial.

  • Skipping: This exercise is very simple and you can start slowly. Skip for some time daily for as long as you find it comfortable. Try increasing the duration daily and see the effect it has on your efforts to increase your stamina.
  • On the spot running: Running on the spot can also help you increase your stamina.  You could start with two minutes daily and then gradually increase it to five minutes.
  • Swimming: The effects of swimming to increase stamina endurance are well-known.

    Swimming for at least 30 minutes daily can do wonders for your health and also increase your stamina. 
  • Cycling: This exercise for stamina building works great as well. You could opt for a stationary bicycle or if possible cycle outdoors with a “real” bike. In order to increase stamina and endurance you should first focus on increasing the distance that you cover and then up the intensity.
  • Step-climbing: Climbing steps is one of the best exercises to increase stamina. When you start, climbing just a few stairs is going to make you tired. You will in due course be able to measure what progress you have made by conquering a flight of stairs without getting tired.   
  • Team-sports: Fun activities such as soccer, tennis and baseball can help you increase your stamina without being aware of it. So make sure you go out and play these games regularly with your friends.  
  • Yoga: You’ll be surprised to know that yoga is one of the best exercises for increasing stamina. This is how it works. Yoga teaches you how to regulate your breath. This in turn can be beneficial while exercising. Breathing properly while exercising helps improve your performance which in turn is related to your stamina. 

These exercises to increase your stamina have a number of health benefits as well. However, while working out care has to be taken about two things: progression and overload. Overload is important to increase stamina, but make sure that you don’t overdo it. If you are constantly getting depressed or irritable it could be a sign of fatigue. Progression simply means that you have to constantly keep on improving.  When choosing exercises to increase your stamina make sure that you pick activities that you like. By doing so, you can stick to a particular routine for a longer time instead of giving up after a few weeks. 

In order to increase your energy and endurance levels, following a proper diet is also important. Make sure you drink sufficient water as it gives you energy and also helps absorb nutrients.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So try not to skip breakfast as it will give you the required energy to start the day.

Submitted by E L on October 11, 2010 at 04:14


There are several things to increase one's stamina. Before you start on any exercise program get a physical examination done to understand if there has been any change in health and to rule out any other health concerns. A right fitness scheduled prices of the important elements; the duration of the exercise program, its frequency, and the intensity. An ideal exercise program must have an equal balance of all the elements, and too much of any particular factor can cause the entirely a fitness program to be it jeopardy. You'll need to keep your doctor informed if any of these elements is too much for your body to take. Once you have started on an exercise program, do not move quickly from one element to another. If your aim is to work out for at least 20 to 25 minutes every day, and you have started off with five minutes, do not jump from five to twenty minutes in one-day itself. Your bodily muscles need time to get used to a new level of activity.

If you have current health issues you will need to look into those issues carefully before deciding which will be the best exercise goal for you. Pick and choose physical activities and that you like and will enjoy doing. Another interesting point that you can accommodate in your fitness schedule, is to try and find an exercise buddy or a friend or help you to promote your exercise activity. Like-minded people are likelier to motivate you to achieve your goal in the long run. Keeping a track record of your exercise performance is also helpful in knowing your current status and where you should be headed. Try to prevent injury when working out at all costs. Always initiate your exercise schedule with a warm up period and basic stretches and also remember to cool down sufficiently after the exercise session is through. Warm-ups and stretches not only improve your flexibility but also prevent sport related injuries from taking place. Try to rest as frequently as possible between exercise sessions if you feel that fatigue is catching up. It is possible that fatigue is likely to make you quit your exercise the routine in the process losing the stamina that you've been building. Do not bother with any kind of dietary supplementations, unless your doctor or dietician is strictly prescribes them. Let your diet help help in supplying all your daily nourishment. In order to build stamina, focus on the muscle groups that you use the most and rely on weight training in your exercise program.

Submitted by M S on August 7, 2008 at 08:05


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