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Loose weight with diet and exercise

I am 5'2 in height and I weight 82 kgs. How could I reduce my weight by exercise and diet?
(July 25, 2008)

All of us want to lose weight in order to look good and remain healthy. It has been observed that people who are over weight suffer from a variety of health issues. Therefore it is advisable to lose weight. There are a variety of quick weight loss treatments and medications available in the market today. However, it makes far more sense to draw up a strict regime of exercise in order to lose weight.

In addition to this you can also keep a watch on your diet in order to ensure weight loss.

This method of losing weight is far more systematic than crash diets. When you lose weight suddenly, you end up feeling tired and unhealthy. You will first need to decide on some kind of an exercise programme. You can take up either jogging or walking in the morning. Some people prefer visiting a gym regularly in order to lose weight. If you choose to do so, it is advisable to seek the assistance and guidance of a professional, who can start you on the correct order of exercises. Try and ensure that you exercise regularly. Avoid any long breaks in your schedule.

In addition to the exercise, you can also make a complete change in your eating habits. You should first cut down on all food products that contain white flour and sugar. Substitute any unhealthy snacks with fresh fruits.

Cut down on your intake of tea and coffee. If you do feel the need for some hot beverage, you can drink a cup of herbal tea. Sipping warm water throughout the day will help you lose weight. You can also add a dash of lemon juice to the hot water and stir in a spoonful of honey into it. Your breakfast should consist of something light. Fruit juices without added sugar can be consumed. For lunch eat large salads. Remember to avoid salads that have a large amount of dressing on them. Try to cut down on vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes. Green leafy vegetables like spinach should be consumed regularly.

Although alcohol can be consumed in small quantities, you should avoid drinking too much. Aerated beverages too must be avoided. Food that is spicy and oily should be replaced with salads and simple food. Soups made of various vegetables can be consumed. So can lentil soups. Use whole wheat flour instead of bleached white flour.

When you feel hungry between meals do not try to suppress the hunger pangs. Instead, eat something that is healthy and will not add to your weight. You can eat raw vegetables like carrots or cucumbers or bite into a crisp apple. Diluted buttermilk, with a pinch of salt is a very soothing and filling drink and can be consumed at any time of the day.

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