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Alcohol And Jaundice

What kind of diet regime is to be followed when one is suffering from alcholic jaundice?
(March 16, 2009)

Jaundice is a disease affects the functioning of our liver. It causes the liver to stop functioning properly. As a result of this our body is unable to process the food we eat. Therefore when suffering from Jaundice it is essential that we follow the diet laid out without straying even once.

You should stop eating anything that can be difficult for your liver to process. For this reason you should stop eating meat of any kind.

Fresh vegetables and juices are the best thing to eat for a patient of Jaundice. These can be processed by the liver without any trouble. However, when drinking juice remember not to add any sugar to it. People suffering from Jaundice are expected to stay away from food that contains a high percentage of salt. For this reason all canned and processed food items should be strictly avoided. Processed food items also contain artificial flavorings, preservatives and coloring all of which can be dangerous to a patient recovering from Jaundice. These food items also contain various additives, all of which are completely unsuitable for a Jaundice patient. Oily and spicy food items should also be avoided at all costs since these can prove dangerous for the fragile liver of the jaundice patient. You should eat food that has been cooked in a small amount of oil. You can also consider eating boiled vegetables, which have been very lightly spiced. Salt should also be kept to a minimum. Food items that contain white flour, cheese and sugar should be avoided. Fatty food items like butter, oil, chocolate should all be avoided. A person recovering from Jaundice should also avoid food items that contain caffeine. For this reason tea and coffee as well as all kinds of carbonated drinks are to be avoided at all costs.

Alcohol should be completely avoided under the circumstances. You should try to eat food that is healthy and completely light. Natural food items should form a large chunk of your diet. You can experiment with various ways of cooking these to ensure that you don’t use too much oil or spices. Oils, spices and other flavorings can put a strain on the already weak liver of the patient and should be avoided.

You can take some gentle physical exercise since this will keep you feeling alert and healthy. However, you should consult a medical practitioner before you start on any elaborate exercise regime.
Submitted by S M on March 16, 2009 at 12:48


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