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List Of Common Food Allergies

March 30, 2011

An allergy is an immune system condition which causes a reaction in the body when an individual is exposed to a particular substance. The substance that causes the immune system reaction is known as an allergen. It should be noted that an allergy is the abnormal immune system response which occurs due to a substance that, on its own, is not harmful to the body but becomes harmful due to the reaction that takes place. Food allergies are those that are suffered while consuming a particular type of food that triggers the reaction. This is usually because of the presence of a particular protein in the food that causes the reaction to occur.

Many food allergies present with symptoms that may not even be noticed like mild itching and digestive discomfort. A person with a more severe allergy will suffer a stronger reaction. The reaction may also be governed by the amount of the allergen consumed.

A severe allergic reaction will lead to rapid development of rashes, inflammation all over the body, inflammation of the face and mouth and, a serious condition which is inflammation in the throat causing breathing difficulty. This condition is a medical emergency and needs to be treated immediately in order to restore air supply to the lungs.

The most common food allergies with the most violent reactions are shellfish and peanut allergies. Other allergies include those to milk, eggs, other nuts, wheat, soy, and a general seafood allergy.

A shellfish allergy produces similar symptoms to most allergies but is likely to cause anaphylaxis, the condition where the breathing canal contracts due to an inflammatory allergic response in the throat. An emergency drug known as epinephrine is required to prevent the allergy from taking the life of the patient.

Peanut allergy and shellfish allergy have another component that is dangerous. When a person with a severe allergy to these substances comes into contact with the vapor released from these substances, he or she can have an allergic reaction.

This is dangerous in two ways because it can happen even in a controlled environment and the cause of the symptoms may not be understood by other people in the vicinity.

The best food allergy treatment including peanut allergy treatment is to avoid exposure to the allergy causing food. When a reaction occurs, emergency medication may be used to stop the reaction. Long term treatment for a food allergy involves immune system therapy which seeks to calm to immune response down over time.

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