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Calories In Cinnamon

Submitted by Nick on February 24, 2011

Introduction: Cinnamomum zeylanicum or Cinnamomum cassia are the Latin names for the common cinnamon which we use. This is the bark of the cinnamon tree which is grown in Egypt, Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India and is a commonly used spice. Cinnamon is used in ayurvedic medicines and also in traditional Chinese ones. It is known to relieve symptoms of cold, indigestion and even diabetes. It is known to reduce the sugar levels and those who are on insulin or other diabetic drugs have been warned not to take their regular dosage with cinnamon as the levels could drop too low.

Pregnant women should consume cinnamon in very small quantities.

Calories in cinnamon:
Calories in cinnamon are high but this is a spice which is normally consumed in very small quantities and there is no fear of increasing the calorie content of a meal because of the use of this spice in it. A hundred grams of cinnamon powder has 247 calories and this also has 81 grams of carbohydrates and 53 grams of fiber.

Normally only a pinch of cinnamon powder or an inch of the stick is used as the flavor is quite strong. 

Calories in cinnamon roll:
Calories in cinnamon roll would depend not only on the roll but also on the size and the amount of fat and sugar added to it. Having a small cinnamon roll with little or no frosting once in a while is fine, but if you consume it regularly then it would affect your diet negatively and add on unnecessary calories. No point in starving yourself in other areas and gorging on one wrong food.

This will cause deficiencies and your weight loss diet will not be a success.

How many calories in cinnamon:
If you are worrying how many calories in cinnamon are there then the truth is that it has a high content but as it is eaten in really small quantities it cannot harm you unless the food it is put into is rich and fatty. Often cinnamon sticks are added to pastries, curries and pilafs which have a lot of other ingredients which are high in calorie content.  Adding a pinch to a coffee or a soup will not harm your diet while it will still give you the benefits of the spice.

Calories in cinnamon sugar
Calories in cinnamon sugar are only 16 per teaspoon which makes it a low calorie food. Cinnamon is consumed in tea along with honey which is in a very small amount and this is beneficial for health. It is known to help in weight loss and is recommended for those who want to loose weight and lead a healthy life. Sugar, sodium and saturated fats which are harmful to the system are present in negligible amounts while it is loaded with manganese, iron and calcium which are extremely essential for our well being.

The benefits of cinnamon outweigh the negative qualities starting with its relieving tooth ache and inflammation helps to get rid of bad breath and even lowers the levels of triglycerides in the blood which are responsible for causing strokes and heart attacks.

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