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Vitamins For Asthma

Submitted by Nick on February 15, 2011

Vitamins For Asthma

Over the years it has been observed that a number of people are increasingly suffering from asthma on account of exposure to environmental pollution  caused by the release of toxic chemicals into the air. Asthma is a medical condition wherein the airways of the lungs tend to swell up throwing up a thick mucus and over a period of time the lungs tend to spasm. The swelling that occurs on account of the asthma is known to make it difficult to breathe because the airways tend to get narrower. Some of the symptoms of asthma are a shortness of breath, congestion, wheezing, pain, dryness in the mouth or even a feverish feeling. Nowadays many people are keen on using herbs and vitamins for asthma that are available in plenty as they are relatively safe and do have side effects as compared to their commercially available counterparts.

One of the best vitamins for asthmas in children as well as in adults is vitamin B as it tends to help in maintaining a biochemical balance in ones body. Additionally vitamin B is also known to significantly minimize the degree of severity of the asthma attacks. Additionally vitamins for asthma also include a combination of vitamin E and A as they tend to work well together to protect the lungs from air pollution which would otherwise result in asthma overtime.

Similarly vitamin C is also known to be of the best vitamins for asthmas as it is very effective in fighting against asthma.

Herbs and vitamins for asthma also includes gingko bilba as it I known to enhance ones breathing  and also help the individual with bronchial reactions. Garlic is another one of the excellent herbs and vitamins for asthma as it tends to contain some anti-inflammatory agent which is known to significantly minimize the possibilities of  an attack of asthma.

Some of the other natural sources of vitamins for  asthma are plenty of fruits and vegetables that are known to have a high protein content as well as be rich in vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C is known to be one of the best vitamins for asthma as it known to be very helpful against asthma that is caused by allergens and also ensures the health of the immune system of an individual for a longer period of time. Vitamin C is also beneficial for asthma as it is a very good anti oxidant and helps in keeping the body free from toxins that give rise to asthma well as various other diseases.

Similarly vitamins for asthma also include Vitamin A and beta carotene  which are known to help in protecting the lungs. These vitamins also ensure that the mucus membranes of the lungs are in good health and are intact. These membranes are essential to ensure good health of the lungs. Vitamins for asthma also include vitamin B6 which in fact has been researched to show that a deficiency of vitamin B6 is actually known to cause asthma.

Additionally vitamin B 3 is also known to prevent asthma that is known to be caused by allergens because of the antihistamine effect that vitamin B3 tends to have on the body. Similarly vitamins for asthma also include vitamin E and also vitamin E as they are known to help in significantly strengthening the immune system of the body.  In fact these two vitamins are known to help in the development of stronger bodies that can then fight off the detrimental effects of asthma.

Vitamins are known to be found naturally in the foods that one consumes and hence it is important to add plenty of citrus fruits and vegetables to ensure that one’s body gets the required intake of vitamins.
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