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Bride To Be diet - You need to be careful for your health

Submitted by Elizabeth on November 18, 2010

Wedding Weight Loss Plan

A wedding is an important event in an individual’s life. From a social point of view, a wedding is one of the most important occasions in the life of an individual. Many women are conscious about their physical appearance, particularly before such an important occasion. Such women may seek diet solutions to help them lose weight or trim their bodies so that they appear as healthy and beautiful on the great day.

When it comes to a wedding weight loss plan, there are a few important factors that need to be kept in mind.

During a wedding, it is likely that both bride and groom will need large amounts of energy and therefore nutrition for the bride and groom is of utmost importance. Energy is needed to deal with the physical strain of standing and spending many hours during wedding and post wedding functions. Energy is also needed to help deal with stress that could be debilitating.

A wedding weight loss plan should therefore be planned in accordance with the fact that the woman will need some energy during her big day.

When considering a wedding weight loss plan it is very important to completely avoid crash dieting. Crash diets are unhealthy at the best of times.

When an individual is faced with physical, emotional and mental stress, a crash diet can be even more harmful. Crash diets literally starve the body of nutrients, forcing it to access fat for nutrition. This is not good for the health of the individual.

Instead, one should follow a wedding weight loss plan which includes exercise and diet control. From the point of diet control and meal plan for the bride to be, the woman must avoid fatty and unhealthy foods. The recommendations for a woman who is undertaking a wedding weight loss plan are essentially the same as one would recommend to someone who is seeking a healthier lifestyle. Binge eating, binge drinking, fast food and processed food should all be eliminated from the diet. Instead, the woman will benefit from consuming healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Binge eating can rapidly raise blood sugar levels which can cause problems relating to stress.
The other aspect of a wedding weight loss plan is exercise. Exercise, in this situation, is important both from the point of view of general health and from the point of view of stress. When we burn energy, our stress levels tend to reduce. People who are regular with their exercises tend to be less easily stressed. Exercise also boosts blood circulation.

Some components of stress are related to hormones. When circulation is improved, these hormones are better distributed around the body and the individual will be less likely to endure the physical signs of stress.

When planning recipes for the bride and nutrition for the bride one should make sure that the diet is simply balanced. One does not require any complicated food plans for this purpose. Most women will be naturally healthy around the age that they are married. A simple moderation and improvement in the quality of diet will help to achieve the weight loss desired by women who are about to be married. 

Every bride wants to look smashing in her wedding gown. And it’s just not about the way the wedding dress fits, but the fact that every girl wants to look her best for the wedding. Those who are a few pounds heavier, would want to lose weight for the wedding. If you are a bride-to-be and are looking for ways to lose weight, then here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

  • If you have planned to lose weight for your wedding, then schedule this in too. Decide well in advance what your weight loss goals are and work towards it gradually. For instance, if you want to lose ten pounds by your wedding, give yourself at least seven to ten weeks to do so, instead of cramming loads of exercise and crash diets in the last two weeks.
  • Focus on losing fat not muscle tissue. So include a lot of toning up exercises and eat nourishing food. If you go on a crash diet to lose weight, you might end up looking flabby and lethargic for your wedding.
  • Weddings can be stressful and with all that planning and work being put into it, you might want to stuff yourself with comfort foods to ease the stress. So, keep a check on what you eat and go easy on the comfort eating.
  • Your fitness goals should be given priority. Work out an exercise plan with a personal trainer and a well thought out nutrition chart. You should make sure that there is a balance between what you are eating and the kind of exercise you are doing.
  • Work in different types of exercises to make working out fun and interesting. Do a mix of aerobic exercises, stretching and toning exercises. Go for walks regularly if you prefer exercising in fresh air; you can also jog, swim or cycle.
  • Dedicate a certain amount of time every week to exercising. You could exercise for an hour everyday for six days a week or even three to four times a week.
  • Keep a tab on the weight that you are losing and make sure that you are not losing too much. Too much of weight loss in a short amount of time is not good.
  • Be wary of diet pills and crash diets. A lot of those can affect your nervous system and can affect your body in a negative way.
  • Make sure that you are eating healthy food because if you have a healthy body, you will feel better about yourself.
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