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The Hidden Calories in Flavored Yogurt

Submitted by Serena Mason on October 25, 2010

Flavored Yogurt Benefits

With the increasing focus on obesity and the fact that the condition has affected millions of people all over the world, there is an increasing scrutiny of the foods we eat and the role it plays on our overall body weight. It is important to analyze the foods we eat as the impact of obesity on our lives is greatly underestimated. While most people associate obesity with the effect that it has on our aesthetic appeal, the more serious effects that the condition has, develops under the radar until it becomes prominent – at which time, the treatment options for each of them are severely limited. Some of the more serious consequences of obesity include heart failure, chronic respiratory tract infections and high blood pressure amongst a host of others. Another aspect of obesity that should not be underestimated is the chronic knee and joint pain that an individual is likely to experience as a result of the excessive weight on his or her limbs.

Understanding a particular foods calorie and carbohydrate count will help you establish whether consuming that as part of your regular diet is beneficial to your body in any way. For instance, the total count of flavored yogurt calories stands at 221 while the count of flavored yogurt carbs and flavored yogurt calories fat stand at 37.58g and 6.26g respectively – readings taken on a single cup of frozen yogurt. Practicing calorie counting diets does not mean, however, that you analyze each constituent of your meal individually, but the collective influence that your whole meal will have on your weight.

As such, because of the fact that yogurt as well as flavored yogurt contains good bacteria cultures that play a vital role in keeping the body healthy, it is widely considered to be one of the best additions to your daily intake. In fact, flavored yogurt has even become a new favorite in most people’s diet – with complete recipes springing up all over the place encouraging people to make their own flavored yogurt dishes.

The fact that yogurt can be easily incorporated into a main course dish as well as a dessert means that its versatility is fast seeing it become a hot favorite amongst chefs as well as diet experts the world over. There are hundreds of frozen flavored yogurt recipes that are easily available on the internet or should even be available at your local bookstore in the cooking section. 

Flavored  Yogurt Nutritional Information

Given the fact that obesity and being overweight are currently being considered a pandemic in a number of countries all over the world, it is easy to understand why a number of people are suddenly choosing to switch over to a healthier lifestyle.

A healthier lifestyle would require an individual to not only make it a point to get some amount of exercise over the course of the day, but also watch their calorie intake when it comes to their daily diet. While most people believe that dieting means starving yourself of food and eating minimally, it is important to understand that this is a completely incorrect understanding of the word. Dieting actually means simply watching what you eat and making sure the calorie content is of the amount your body requires to function optimally and nothing more.

As a result, counting calories is one of the best and most effective methods of dieting, because it ensures that you provide your body with the number of calories it requires to carry out the daily tasks and chores. A dieting plan will be structured around the number of calories your body needs on a daily basis so if you burn about 2500 calories a day, a good diet plan will still afford you that amount of intake. However, curbing the calorie intake after consumption of the required amount has occurred is essential as the body converts any excess calories into fat for storage to be used later – leading to weight problems and obesity.  Burning the additional calories will only come about with the help of proper exercise or physical exertion.

Flavored yogurt is a new trend that is quite tasty. A nutritional breakdown of the standard cup of frozen yogurt contains about 221 calories along with 6.26 grams of fat, 37.58 grams of carbohydrates and about 5.22 grams of protein. However, these readings are not the same for chocolate flavored yogurt. Chocolate flavored yogurt contains about 226 calories with 3.9 grams of fat, 43.22 grams of carbohydrates and 10.48 grams of protein. These readings are attributed to a single cup of about 8 oz and, as a result, will vary greatly according to the quantity of yogurt. If you wish to avoid the hidden calories in flavored yogurt, you can make your own by blending yogurt and a thick slice of fruit along with a spoon of honey to get thick low cal flavored yogurt.

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