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Exercise is one of the factors that help’s to maintain proper energy balance, by increasing the “energy out”.

Energy is measured in calories. And calories can be spent by a lot of activities. When you exercise you build your muscle and when you build more muscle, even when you are at rest - you spend more energy. To support the extra muscle our body needs to be in good shape and well toned.

Besides maintaining a healthy weight the other benefits of exercise are – decreased risk of cardio-vascular disease, colon cancer, diabetes mellitus, depression, falling in elderly people and osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and lower death rate.

As per your individual needs, plan out an exercise program either with your personal trainer or doctor. Physical activity should become a part of your lifestyle.

Give up driving and prefer walk or bike; prefer stairs than elevator. Even the smallest efforts, to boast activity level will be rewarded to the body. A lifestyle of weight control/ prevention from health problems can be obtained by increasing physical activity level.

There are a large number of exercise benefits that one can gain from following a fitness routine. Some of the main benefits of exercise include increasing one’s energy levels. The right combination of nutrition and exercise can help in creating an environment that is conducive to weight loss, fat loss, increased energy, and increased muscle. When a person’s body has reached peak efficiency their energy levels will soar. Some other benefits of exercising include an increased level of self esteem. When a person gains control over their weight and their body size, their self esteem and self image are positively influenced. This will then spill over into their daily life allowing them to make all the required changes to improve life. Benefits of regular exercise also spill over into one’s work life. Studies have shown that exercise done on a regular basis can help one focus on daily tasks.

There are also several health benefits of exercise. People who exercise regularly will stand a much better chance in avoiding conditions or diseases like senility or Alzheimer’s disease. One of the most important benefits of exercise includes a decreased risk of a person getting heart disease. When a person exercises on a regular basis they can greatly lower their cholesterol levels along with their blood pressure.  Exercise also decreases a person’s risk of osteoporosis. When exercising, one can actually even reverse this risk of osteoporosis by building their bone mass. Some of the other benefits of exercises are a reduction in the risk of a woman getting breast cancer. The two hormones that are linked to breast cancer called as progesterone and estradiol are lowered in a woman’s body when she exercises.

A woman is said to be most susceptible to these particular hormones at the time of their menstruation and ovulation. Regular exercise also helps a woman in burning her fat levels thus in this way lowering her rate of production of estrogen. This is mainly because fat has been found to be a catalyst for the production of estrogen. Thus exercise can be found to be a method of preventing cancer. Another one of the many benefits of exercise is an increase in a person’s strength and in their stamina levels. Exercising can therefore make life much simpler for a person on a daily basis. Exercise can also help in reducing one’s risk of suffering from depression. This is mainly because of the production of the ‘feel good’ hormones known as endorphins which are increased when a person exercises.

Another benefit of exercise is a decrease in a person’s stress levels. An individual’s daily demands and conflicts that they face in daily life can give rise to stress and worries. This stress can be greatly reduced when one exercises. Exercise works as a natural therapy that can benefit a person’s mood. Exercise also benefits a person by improving their digestion and enhancing the quality of their sleep. It can add radiance or sparkle to one’s complexion and can improve one’s body shape.
Exercise also helps in toning a person’s muscles and helps in providing some muscular definition. Exercise helps in making a person limber and improves their   endurance levels and helps in burning the extra calories and in improving one’s circulation levels. Exercise helps in increasing one’s lean muscle tissue and improves one’s endurance levels and regular exercise improves one’s appetite. It is important to have a meal or small snack after a workout as this will help to replenish the nutrients that have been utilized during your workout. One of the weight loss benefits of exercises includes the increase of an individual’s metabolic rate. Your metabolic rate determines the number of calories that your body utilizes and an increased metabolic rate allows your body to burn more fat even when you are not exercising.     


Submitted on January 16, 2014