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Constructing a Healthy Balance Diet Chart

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on July 8, 2010

For a long and a healthy life, one should always maintain a balanced diet. But the real task is selecting the correct diet plan. A diet that consists of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, proteins, in the right proportions is considered to be a balanced diet. Many people think that starving or eating bland tasteless food is the key to losing weight, but that is definitely not true, just following a balanced diet plan and eating in moderation, will give you the desired results. It is also important to follow a regular fitness program as eating healthy and exercising regularly are both important for good health.

A well balanced diet should contain basic food groups:   
  • Starchy foods that include potatoes, bread, fruits, vegetables, cereals, meats, and fish. You must also consume three meals in a day which include starchy foods, but reduce your intake of fatty food, sugar, salt, and alcohol.
  • High fiber foods like fruits and vegetables should be included as they are low in calories and they keep the body healthy and prevent liver and cardiovascular disorders.
  • A balanced diet can also contain basic amounts of dairy products and yogurt is considered to be one of the healthiest dairy products.
  • Proteins should be a part of your diet as they help the body to grow properly and allow wounds to heal quickly. Foodstuff such as dried fruits, nuts, and pulses are full of protein and help the body mend worn out tissues.
  • Carbohydrates shouldn’t be completely avoided but chosen wisely.

    Healthy choices should be whole grain or whole meal breads and rice, as these foods are nutritionally superior to their processed counterparts.

Maintaining a balanced diet is very important as it helps in naturally preventing diseases, controls your weight, and helps to meet your nutritional requirements. In order to balance diet chart benefits with eating out, make sure that you note the calories of your meals and keep a track of them. Very often, these meals are not included in diet and calorie calculations and this can lead to unwanted weight gain.

Besides maintaining a balanced diet, you should also exercise regularly. Walking is regarded as the best form of exercise, as it keeps you fit and fine. If you don’t like walking you can also jog or run, but this should be gradual and not a sudden leap from absolutely no exercise to running as this could be harmful.

Other ways to include exercise in your daily schedule is to visit the gym or go cycling. The importance of balanced diet and exercise goals cannot be stressed enough and so it is important to factor in both aspects of fitness when deciding on a diet. Your diet should change according to your fitness levels as well as your exercise schedule. Always try to eat a piece of fruit or a whole grain snack before any exercise for that extra energy boost.

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