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gm diet chart

Are you tired of all the routine diet programs prescribed by dieticians? Is exercise also not yielding results? Do not get frustrated. Switch to a healthy diet plan to reduce weight and detoxify your body. One good option is the GM diet which was designed by the General Motors Company. It was designed by the company for staff welfare and has since gained in popularity outside the company as well.

The GM or General Motor’s diet is a famous diet program that helps to detoxify your body and also helps you to shed those extra calories. The GM diet chart covers a span of seven days and you need to follow it at least once a month or once in two months. It is effective provided you follow it sincerely. If you manage to follow it completely, you are sure to lose at least two to three kilos each week.

However, you need to remember that after following the GM diet chart you need to watch what you eat, as your body has a tendency of regaining the lost weight in two or three days.
The GM diet should be avoided by those who are suffering from diabetes, hypertension, or any other heart ailment as it can add to your health issues.

Here is the GM diet chart that you need to follow if you wish to lose the extra flab.

  • According to the GM diet chart, you can eat only fruits on day one of the General Motor diet plan. However, you need to make sure that you avoid bananas as they are high in calories.
  • On day two, you are supposed to consume only vegetables.
  • On day three, the diet plan allows you to consume both vegetables and fruits.
  • On day four, you are supposed to consume only skimmed milk and banana. It is best to avoid sugar for effective results.
  • On day five you must consume only brown rice and tomatoes.
  • On day six, brown rice and tomatoes can be combined with other vegetables.
  • On the last day or day seven, you can eat brown rice and vegetables and drink fruit juices.

The unique part about the GM diet chart is that it prescribes intake of fresh vegetables and fruits. This diet chart is effective as it helps you to flush out all the impurities from your system and also helps you lose excess flab and stay healthy and fit.

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