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Turning to a vegetarian diet can be a good chance to change your eating habits and strive to bring about a change in your diet to include a low calorie diet. A vegetarian diet implies that you avoid all kinds of animal products and substitute that protein intake with other food items. Contrary to popular belief vegetarian diets are also equally healthy and can be as tasty and satisfying as any other diet.  When a vegetarian diet is well balanced it just means that you have to be smart and include a wide range of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and beans and lentils and learn to eat healthy. If you have recently turned vegetarian and would like to stick to a low calorie vegetarian diet you will have to exercise a great deal of control when you want to reach for foods that you have been previously eating. When you decide to follow a healthy diet, you will have to learn to substitute unhealthy foods for healthy ones.

The best way is to include more of fruits and vegetables in your daily routine and use them as substitutes for snacks and small meals this will help you to eat healthy low calorie food.

Low calorie vegetarian diet plan -

A low calorie vegetarian diet plan should include at least 1-2 fruits in a day; try to avoid dry fruits as they are higher on calorie content. Green leafy vegetables are not only rich in vitamins and minerals but they are also very fibrous and therefore are good for digestion and building your metabolic system in a way to be able to burn the extra fat. It is good to eat some vegetables as salads at all meal times or even when you get hungry as they are high on vitamins and low on calories.  Soy and tofu are very good options for proteins as they are low on fat. Using either soy or tofu in your low calorie cooking will be able to help you to eat healthy and get the required amount of proteins even when you stick to a low calorie vegetarian menu. Nuts are also considered to be healthy as they are low on calories and can be eaten as small snacks.

Low calorie vegetarian recipes -

Some of the easy low calorie vegetarian recipes for a good healthy low calorie breakfast are to make a banana oatmeal smoothie which is contains one cup of milk, one banana, one cup of oats and a tablespoon of honey. You should combine all these ingredients into the blender and blend it for 2 minutes. Instead of plain milk you could use soy milk or even substitute it with one cup of fat free yogurt to lower the calorie content.

Another low calories recipe you could try is tofu scrambled which makes a light and delicious lunch. Get 100 grams of tofu and crumble it wit the help of a fork and keep it aside. Then slice finely one small onion, make thin strips of red and green bell peppers. You could also add some chopped tomatoes and parsley. In a pan heat a teaspoon of oil first fry the onions till transparent and then add the peppers and fry for two minutes. Now add the tomatoes and the seasoning, when the tomatoes get pulpy add the tofu and cook it on a high heat for just about two minutes and turn off the heat. Sprinkle the parsley and your low calorie vegetarian recipe, scrambled tofu is ready to eat! You could change the taste significantly by substituting peppers with carrots and mushrooms or even spinach to keep your meal healthy and tasty at the same time.

Submitted on January 16, 2014