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Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are another type of mushrooms in the mushroom family. Earthy to taste, these mushrooms have been used for over 6000 years in China and Chinese medicines, however, it is just recently that these mushrooms have found place in the American cuisine off late.

Like most mushrooms, these mushrooms are also rich in nutrients, these mushrooms are blessed with a compound called lentinant, which helps in providing boosting performance of the immune system. This chemical compound also helps in providing protection against common colds, Influenza, etc. This compound has also shown to boost immune system in people affected with HIV Aids.

Shiitake mushrooms have high levels of L-ergothioneine a powerful antioxidant, even cooking of mushrooms will not destroy this antioxidant.
There is another active component called eritadenine in mushrooms which is extremely beneficial in lowering levels of cholesterol in blood. This helps maintaining of heart health.

Other than that, shiitake mushrooms are also known to fight against cancer, the lentinan in these mushrooms helps destruction of cancerous cells inside body. Whats more the reticular cells ingest the weak or cancerous cells and draw other cells that cause cancer to the cancerous sites, which help in bringing protection against cancer.

Shiitake mushrooms taste a little different from other types like the button mushrooms or crimini mushrooms. Wile selecting mushrooms it is necessary that care should be taken to ensure that the mushrooms are clean and plump and not shriveled. Shiitake mushrooms like the other mushrooms can be prepared in several different ways.

These mushrooms can be used to make a side dish for fish or chicken. You can prepare tasty mushroom soup from these mushrooms. Mushrooms are basically Asian contribution to cuisine, therefore there are quite a number of Asian recipes you can prepare from mushrooms. Mushrooms taste great as toppings on pizzas, mushrooms can be eaten sautéed by simply using a little of olive oil and onions to add taste.

You can make a complete dish from mushrooms by adding several other vegetables and mixes of spices so that this can be eaten completely and will a wholesome combination of numerous vegetable nutrients. Mushrooms can also be used in non vegetarian dishes or in rice preparations. Mushrooms are low in fat and carbohydrates level, therefore all those who are trying to reduce weight, mushrooms will be ideal alternative to use against meat consumption. Mushrooms taste great when added to salads.
Submitted on January 16, 2014