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Like the carrots, the celery is also considered as a great addition to salads and some dishes. In fact, some of its characteristics are similar to the former. Both are crunchy and have a distinct taste, which allows these to be eaten raw. You can buy celeries any month of the year; however, you will be able to obtain high-quality varieties when you buy during summer. This veggie can reach to a height of twelve to sixteen inches.
There are some individuals who think that only the leaves and stalks can be used. But the seeds and the roots of this vegetable can also be added to your food. You can even use these as flavor enhancers, or as medicinal remedies.

This vegetable is rich in vitamin C, which is greatly needed by your immune system. When you have colds, you might want to munch on a stalk so that you will be able to lessen or stop the onset of the symptoms. As a matter of fact, there are more than twenty scientific researches which state that this vitamin is an effective prevention against colds. Other than this, it also prohibits inflammatory health problems which are caused by free radical damage. On the other hand, free radicals inside your body may oxidize your bad cholesterol content. This will lead to the formation of plaques, which usually results to stroke or heart attack. In order for you to enhance your cardiovascular health, you should eat foods which have cholesterol lowering benefits.

This veggie is also effective when it comes to high blood pressure reduction. In fact, this is a well known medicine by the medical practitioners of China. This is due to active compounds which are referred to as pthalides. These compounds aid with the relaxation of the muscles which are located around your arteries, thereby allowing dilation to the vessels. Since there is more space within the arteries for the blood to flow, you will be able to obtain a normal blood pressure. Aside from this, pthalides also lessen hormones which bring about stress which, in turn, make your blood vessels to constrict.

The other nutrients which are found in this veggie are sodium and potassium. These minerals aid with diuretic. This is the process wherein the balance of your bodily fluids is regulated. On the other hand, these are also known to trigger the production of urine, thereby allowing you to eliminate excess fluid from your body.

When you want to purchase this vegetable in the market, you should know how to choose carefully. Opt for those which appear crisp. You will know that a variety is fresh and crisp when it snaps off easily when you pull it apart. Furthermore, the stalks should be compact and tight, while the leaves green in color. When there are brown patches, this means that the veggie is wilted and does not contain adequate nutrients anymore. Some variety may also be infected with insects. You will be able to detect the presence of these pests when you notice black or brown discolorations.
Submitted on February 24, 2009