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Broccoli belongs to the cabbage family just like cauliflower.  The diverse parts of the broccoli are responsible for its textures and tastes.  As one of those cancer-fighting foods, broccoli has been proven to work wonders.  It has a compound which makes broccoli and its sprouts counter better bacteria which causes peptic ulcers.  Better even than modern antibiotics as the experts said.  New research reveals that it is above all it is good for the stomach.  As belonging to the cruciferous family of plants, it has a substance known as phytonutrients, which have important effects against cancer.  People who eat cruciferous vegetables were discovered to have a reduced danger of bladder cancer.  While the substance sulforaphane give the much needed boosts to the body’s detoxification enzymes in aid of clearing carcinogenic substances rapidly.   This substance can also possibly provide particular defense against colon cancer.   

Broccolis and tomatoes are both recognized for their cancer-battling capabilities, including prostate cancer prevention. Cataract prevention is also known as one of the many health benefits that the vegetable brings.   The additive effect when eaten together is conspicuous.  Another study showed that eating broccoli as part of a daily diet was powerfully connected with a lower risk of coronary heart disease.  It can also protect from lung cancer.  Broccoli as a super food can be like superman as a defense against the free radicals which are mounting everyday much to the dismay of people.

During harvest time the part which is the unopened flower buds are the ones harvested.  This floret clusters should be compact and not bashed. If left too long in the open, stem becomes hard and woody. After harvesting the main heads, side shoots will sprout. No yellowing in the flowers should be best because, that color shows a sign of over maturity.   Broccoli is fragile and consumable.  Storing should be done properly like in open plastic bags in the refrigerator.  This can stay for a week.  Washing before putting inside the refrigerator is a no no.  Water can cause degradation.   Better handling of broccoli makes possible fresh and substances intact for healthy eating.  The perfect broccoli plant results in big earnings that can be mechanically harvested at one time.
But continued harvesting can be done for 3 more weeks.  Development is best during the cool time of the year.  But only when properly planted and grown can broccoli yield over an extended period of time.
In preparing broccoli, it should be washed under cool running water.  Avoid soaking because it will lose its water soluble nutrients.  Cooked or eaten raw, it still provides the necessary nutritional values which broccoli is famous for.  But when overcooked it emits a strong sulfur smell.  It only takes 3 to 4 minutes to in boiling water for streaming broccoli.  When overcooked it loses its nutrients, especially vitamin C.  Rightly cooked broccoli will yield a bright green color and it’s crispy to the bite.  But if added with spices and herbs, it will enhance the flavor of broccoli.  Herbs and spices like basil, dill, lemon balm, marjoram, oregano tarragon and thyme.  Sounds yummy as well as healthy.
Submitted on January 16, 2014