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Ideal Protein Diet

There are different low protein diets. Most low protein diets are undertaken because the patient has some kidney or liver disease that makes it difficult to process proteins properly. But there are some instances where low proteins are incorporated because it makes weight loss easier. The ideal protein diet is one such quick or fast weight loss diet.

The ideal protein diet is largely a low protein diet which comprises pre-packaged protein drinks in the form of protein shakes. The ideal protein diet plan includes a certain cost of the drinks that are products you need for the diet which are made from fixed recipes.

The ideal protein diet cost therefore does not burn a hole in your pocket. The logic of this diet is that since you do not consume any carbohydrates, your body actually burns fat. This diet is relatively new to the US. This low protein diet consists of four phases and should be undertaken under supervision from a certified health care professional. The first phase is to be followed till you lose most of the weight that you desire to lose. One pack of ideal protein diet food is given to you and it should be a part of three of your meals. The fourth meal is a regular meal that follows a high carbohydrate and low protein system. This phase is the most expensive in the diet and can cost up to $85 a week. In the second phase, the protein powder consists of two meals and you get to eat two normal meals. Therefore this week is a little less expensive at $60 a week. Phase three involves introduces proper carbohydrates and proteins into your system slowly. This phase is followed for 14 days where three meals are normal meals and one is confined to the protein powder. This phase concentrates on stabilizing your body at its ideal weight. By the fourth phase, you learn maintenance. You do not consume any more of the protein powders and learn how to pick the right foods to eat. The ideal protein diet cost is probably steep and is likely to burn a tiny hole in your pocket.

The ideal protein diet reviews have generally been positive. In reviews, the ideal protein diet is marked favorably as this diet allows you to consume more carbohydrates as compared to other diets. But since this diet relies for large parts on a pre-packaged powder, it cannot be all that good for the body. There is little that can replace actual nutrition in terms of food. There are some reviews that also are skeptical that a powder can actually replace actual food. You can access the internet for ideal protein diet recipes and find out more about ideal protein diet products as well.

Submitted on January 17, 2014