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Nutrition Tips

Healthy eating helps in healthy living. Exercising regularly fails to allow any kind of eating pattern. To keep fit, a healthy diet with regular activity helps. Basic nutrition tips include the intake of a balanced diet. Healthy foods are not bland and tasteless at all times.
It is wise to choose the right type of foods that is appetizing and healthy.

Here are some great nutrition tips that will help you lead a healthy life. These basic nutrition tips are simple and easy to follow:

  • Make sure you eat well-balanced meals. Include more of vegetables and fruits in your diet and cut out on the processed foods, and sugar. Nutrition facts and tips stress on eating a diet that comprises of vitamins, proteins, good fats and carbohydrates.
  • Among the basic nutrition tips, here is one that is really important. Avoid caffeine and soda and drink plenty of water. Water not only helps cleanse your system, but also helps you lose weight. However, don’t overdo it. The recommended intake is six to ten glasses of water a day.
  • Specific nutrition tips for men include keeping track of fat consumption. Experts suggest that that men need to limit their consumption of cholesterol, saturated fatty acids, and fats. It is important that men restrict their consumption of salt as well. Excessive protein consumption is also bad for the body. When it comes to nutrition tips for seniors, here are the top few. Make sure that you get the nutrients in food by choosing a wide variety of healthy foods. Pick foods that with less fat and cholesterol in them. An important tip among nutritional tips for the elderly is to make sure you include ample quantities of calcium in your diet. Also, make sure you have a fiber rich diet as it will help prevent constipation.
  • In addition to following nutrition facts for weight loss, it is important that one exercises and leads a stress free life. Avoid skipping meals, especially breakfast. Avoiding breakfast will only increase your appetite during the day and you will end up overeating. Replace junk foods such as French fries, pizzas, and potato rolls with healthy salads that are prepared with salad dressings such as lemon juice, olive oil and vinegar instead of fat laden dressings. Nutrition tips such as these will not only help you lead a healthy life but will also help you lose weight.
  • Preparation of your usual recipes in an unusual manner helps! Incorporate new ingredients from the market to change the taste.
  • Opt for vinegar, olive oil and lemon juice for salad dressings. Do not use mayonnaise or any fat laden dressing.
  • Daily nutrition tips involve the filling your meals with a minimum of two vegetables provide the necessary phyto nutrients and antioxidants.
  • Try experimenting with a variety of ingredients and several recipes. This helps in increasing variety on your dining table.
  • Grilling of animal foods, such as meat, lamb and fish drips off the extra fat, thereby resulting in decreased fat intake.
  • Skipping meals is the worst technique to ensure good health. Avoidance of meals, especially breakfast increases the appetite by the evening. This in turn increases the intake of junk foods.
  • Herbs help in changing the flavor of your regular noodles or pasta. Inclusion of herbs in the salad and soup help in decreasing the sodium intake.
  • Recipes and preparation methods available behind certain food stuffs help in bringing a change in your diets. Preparation of healthy foods has the convenience of easy storage. It can also be stored for a rainy day. No added preservatives help the system in the long run.

Nutrition Tips for Kids

Here are a few healthy nutrition tips that will help your kids stay healthy and grow and develop in the right manner.
  • If your kid has an aversion to milk, give him/her other calcium rich foods such as soybeans, yogurt, tofu, broccoli, and calcium-fortified breads or cereals.
  • Ensure that your child gets enough fiber in his/her diet by including foods such as potatoes with their skin on, soups with chickpeas, whole grains, lentils, and white beans. This will help prevent constipation in your child.
  • One important tip among nutrition tips for children is not to force them to eat something they don’t like, instead encourage them to experiment with new things. They may dislike eating vegetables, but there will be a few vegetables that they like.
  • Encourage your child to have cereal for breakfast but avoid sweetened cereals or sugar loops that are eaten straight from a box. Instead make sure that the breakfast cereal you serve has the right amount of minerals and iron. To enhance the taste and make it healthier, add in fruits such as strawberries and bananas.
  • Among healthy nutrition tips for children is this one. The best fruit that you can give your child that is tasty, refreshing and juicy is an apple. Apples have a high content of vitamin C. Make sure that you serve the apple along with the peel as peeling reduces the nutritional content of an apple by half.
  • Serve your child low fat milk, water, or 100% fruit juice instead of fruit-flavored drinks and sugar-sweetened colas.
  • Try different recipes as kids often eat vegetables when mixed with special sauces or other foods. 
  • Encourage your child to eat fresh fruit for dessert.
  • Limit the quantity of sugar you add to your kid’s diet.
  • Give your child fat-free or low-fat lunch. Use whole-grain rolls and breads to make sandwiches. Cut different vegetables such as carrot, onion, green peppers, and celery and add it to your tuna salad. Use a salad-dressing that is fat-free.  
  • In addition to following these healthy nutrition tips for kids make sure your kid exercises regularly.

Nutrition Tips for Athletes and Runners

Here are some nutrition tips and health tips for athletes that should be followed to ensure physical strength and endurance. Athletes need to follow a diet that includes plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains in order to get the right proportion of fats, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and water. There should be a balanced intake of all minerals, vitamins and foods to ensure that the body is getting all the required nutrition. In addition to following the healthy eating tips for athletes, it is important that athletes remain well-hydrated. Drinking health drinks and water regularly will ensure that their body functions well during competition. However, too much of water just before taking part in any sport may lead to fatigue, cramping and nausea. 

Here are some diet tips for athletes taking part in endurance sport:

  • Carbohydrates are the main food for athletes who take part in sport such as cycling, cross-country skiing, and marathons.
  • Endurance athletes need to eat foods such as rice, pasta, bread, whole grain rice as well as vegetables and fruits. They also need to eat more of fish, eggs, lean meat, and low-fat dairy products. However, care should be taken not to eat too much of protein as it tends to make the person feel sluggish because it is not digested quickly enough to be used for energy. In this sense, low fat foods should be eaten.
  • Lastly, it is essential that athletes maintain high levels of energy. This can be done by ensuring that they eat something every couple of hours or so. This will ensure that the body burns fat instead of muscle for energy. Some additional healthy tips for athletes include making sure you maintain healthy and normal blood sugar levels, maintain lean muscle mass, and avoid overeating. There are a number of dieticians or nutritionists that can help plan a nutrition strategy for runners, or in the alternative, athletes can look for a nutrition guide for runners on the Internet. Keep in mind that nutrition guides for men and women may differ.

Tips for nutrition help halfway, as not practicing these 10 nutrition tips fail to assure a disease free life. Eat well to live a healthy life. All the above said ten nutrition tips help in a better complexion, stronger bones and healthier muscles. Opting for a healthy meal is time saving and cost effective. How is it cost effective? Good and healthy foods decrease the risk of illnesses and diseases, thereby saving a lot of money in your wallet, right?

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Submitted on January 16, 2014