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Lipo 6

Lipo 6 is an extremely popular and powerful fat burner which is commercially available in the form of liquid capsules. These capsules are excellent and are used for rapid results and superior fat absorption. Lipo 6 is considered an extremely advanced form of fat burning compounds since it claims to help lose fat in a very rapid manner.

Lipo 6 was first formulated and sold commercially in 2005 and was known as the first liquid capsule fat burner in the world. Perhaps one of the biggest testimonials to the efficiency of this diet pill is that it has repeatedly won the ‘Fat Loss Product of the Year’ title since 2005, the year in which it was first introduced.

There are many other ‘lose fat quick’ gimmicks which are often advertised on the television. However, none of them really compare to what Lipo 6 can do. Lipo 6 works well for both men and women and it does not matter if you are already a trainer or have been building your body. The ingredients in Lipo 6 are pharmaceutically enhanced and therefore are extremely effective. The fat loss effect is not only quick, but also very marked.

Lipo 6 Hers is a Lipo 6 product, which is made especially for women, keeping in mind their specific metabolism and diet needs. There are specific diet pills for women because a woman’s body is different from a man’s. Even though both men and women can benefit from the commercially sold Lipo 6 products, for women, it is better to consume these products which are formulated specifically for her.

Lipo 6 capsules are also excellent for vegetarians because they contain absolutely no animal matter and are completely plant based. These pills contain chemicals which, upon entering the body, can help in activating specific enzymes and triggering the release of chemicals which help in absorbing fat from the body. The synephrine contained in these pills helps in activating beta-3 adrenoreceptors. The compound displays both lipolytic and thermogenetic capacity and can help boost the secrete levels of norepinephrine. When synephrine is consumed before a workout, fat breakdown is enhanced further.

As soon as the fat burns, the body utilizes it without giving it the opportunity to settle in the body once again. Synephrine also has a muscle-sparing effect, therefore, while it is expending energy, it does so only at the expense of body fat. The muscles are not broken down at all. It also helps that synephrine acts as an appetite suppressant and is considered ideal for those who are on a calorie restricted diet. Since the pills suppress hunger, a person consuming them will be less likely to over eat.

Additional compounds in the pills, like E- and Z-Guggulsterones are simply compounds which are bioactive and can increase the overall metabolic rate by increasing activity of the thyroid hormone. There is a significant influence of the Lipo 6 pills on the triiodothyronine, which is in fact known to be a thyroid regulator.

There are a numerous diet pills available commercially and as with any other diet pill, Lipo 6 also has its own disadvantages. Though the pills do help in breakdown of fat tissue, there are some inherent side effects which you should be aware of before you begin to consume it. There is a rapid increase in energy levels which can cause shaking, anxiety, and light headedness. You can experience the feeling of being faint and may experience a light numbness as well as headaches and cramps. Other side effects include nausea, stomach upsets, and sleep disorders. The sleeping problems caused due to Lipo 6 are so pronounced that it is mentioned on the label that the pills should not be consumed within six hours of your bedtime.

Submitted on January 16, 2014