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Liquid diet for colonoscopy

The procedure for screening for colon cancer is known as a colonoscopy. It allows the doctor to take a look inside the colon or large intestine. The colon constitutes the last section of the digestive system. Waste that is left behind after the small intestine absorbs the nutrients from consumed food is passed on to the colon. The main function of the colon is to dry out the waste matter, process it and then eliminate it from the body.
The large intestine is approximately 3 to 5 feet in length. During a colonoscopy, the doctor uses an instrument known as a colonoscope to examine the colon. This instrument has a flexible camera at one end which allows the doctor to see clearly inside the colon. The colonoscope is inserted through the rectum while the individual is sedated. It is then passed through the entire length of the colon in order to check for irregularities. There are a few preparations that need to be done before you can undergo a colonoscopy. The colon must be cleansed completely prior to the procedure. A liquid diet for colonoscopy is recommended which involves consumption of only clear liquids a day before the colonoscopy. Eight hours before the procedure, the individual must consume only water. A colonoscopy helps to detect the presence of polyps in the colon. These are actually collections of cells which may possibly become cancerous if they are not removed.

A liquid diet for colon cleansing is very important as it enables the doctor to examine the inside of the colon clearly. If there is any food still remaining in the colon, an enema may be prescribed to flush out any food particles. The preparation for a colonoscopy may vary from individual to individual as factors such as health conditions must be taken into account. The preparation usually begins a week before the test. A liquid diet for colonoscopy prevents fecal matter from forming in the intestine. In some cases, the doctor may also prescribe laxatives to expel the waste matter. It is important to discuss with the doctor the intake of any medications. A clear liquid diet for colonoscopy included liquids which are digested easily and do not leave behind any traces in the colon. This liquid diet detox usually does not continue for more than 3 to 5 days. A liquid diet for colonoscopy helps the individual to maintain hydration levels of the body and not lose any important minerals and salts.

Liquids that form part of this diet include water, green tea, apple juice and chicken broth. Dark colored liquids such as coffee and beef broth are also counted as clear liquids for this procedure. Liquids that are red or purple in color are strictly off limits one day before the test. This is because both these colors may resemble blood in the colon during the procedure since the contrast dye may stain them as it passed through the system. Fruits juices that do not contain pulp may be consumed. Honey, plain jelly and ice pops may also be incorporated into the liquid diet for colonoscopy. Any food that is not listed as part of this diet must be consumed only after consulting the doctor. There are many liquid diet recipes for colonoscopy. It is advisable to discuss the recipes with your doctor before using them. A sample of a liquid diet for colonoscopy prep would include breakfast consisting of a glass of water, a glass of fruit juice, a cup of broth and a bowl of gelatin. Between breakfast and lunch you may have a cup of tea of coffee without cream. Lunch and dinner will also incorporate similar items.

Submitted on January 16, 2014