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Celery soup

Celery soup as Detox

Celery diets are very popular amongst celebrities to lose weight quickly and detoxify their body. Wondering how they work? Here’s how:

Coffee, tea, colas and sodas, junk food and other chemical stimulants encountered in our everyday diet enter our digestive system. Naturally, they need to be neutralized before they pass from our body. Detox diets involving celery soup can help to neutralize the chemical stimulants in our body and boost our immune system.

Benefits of celery soup

•    Used in celery soup, salad and stews, the vegetable is extremely rich in vitamins A, B (B1, B2, and B6) and C.

•    It is also an excellent source for potassium, iron, folic acid and important amino acids.
•     The natural sodium found in celery is also extremely beneficial if you make it a part of your low salt diet.
•    The sturdy sticks of celery can be eaten raw as an alternate to snacking. When used as whole pieces in celery soup, it manages to retain its crunch.  Unlike other vegetables, cooking the celery soup does not eliminate its nutritional value.
•    Following the celery soup diet can help combat poor digestion and constipation. It acts as a natural laxative. Consuming celery soup also works as a great diuretic. Sodium and potassium in celery regulates the urinary glands and helps to get rid of excess fluids.
•    The consumption of a liquid diet like celery soup also hydrates your body and you will notice a healthy shine on your skin and hair at the end of the celery soup diet.
•    Celery soup may also help to combat serious health conditions like kidney stones, high blood pressure, and diabetes. It could also work with your natural immune system to keep cancer at bay. Whether consumed hot or cold, celery soup makes a good detoxifier.

Making Celery Soup

You may scrounge health magazines, online recipes, or even diet blogs for various healthy celery soup recipes. There are plenty of options and you will find something to suit your taste. Replace the broth or stock in your celery soup recipe with plain water for a healthier version. Alternately you can substitute regular broth with low sodium versions.
Look for other tasty vegetables like carrots, sugar or snap peas, broccoli, green beans, and so on to add volume and taste to your celery soup. You can also make celery soup in a huge vat for a week and freeze individual portions. Then combine different solid or pureed vegetables for a tasty variety everyday.

Consuming celery soup everyday might get boring and you will fall off the weight loss wagon. Keep it fresh by adding different seasonal herbs and spices to vary the taste.

Remember before you embark on a celery soup diet, you have to remember that soup diets are essentially planned as detox diets and to lose weight quickly. They should not be followed continuously. You may go on a seven-day celery soup diet periodically but remember that some fad diets can hamper your health.
Eating just one kind of food continuously will deprive your body of nutrition. You cannot eliminate entire food groups from your everyday diet. You may also notice weight loss after consuming celery soup, but there are chances that you may gain this weight back once you go on your regular diet.
Since the celery soup diet requires you to consume two to three portions of soup per day, you may be risking fluid retention in your body. If the celery soup diet causes you discomfort, fatigue or any kind of food reaction, you must discontinue it immediately and consult a doctor.

There is no substitute for a healthy, proportionate diet and regular exercise, if you want to see weight loss. Do not get obsessive with crash diets and remember that they are avenues for short-term weight loss only.
Submitted on January 16, 2014