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Cane Juice Health Benefits

Sugar in its raw form can actually be beneficial for us. It contains vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. It is the processed, white sugar that has been stripped of all valuable stuff that needs to be steered clear of.

Cane juice has become increasingly popular in the recent times as global consciousness has shifted towards healthy eating and living. Cane juice in other words is an unrefined form of sugar, which is obtained from the sugarcane plant and goes through minimal processing.
The health benefits of cane juice are listed in brief below:
  • It contains riboflavin, which is a B vitamin. It helps to increase energy levels, maintain a robust immune system, and helps to maintain healthy shiny hair and skin.
  • Cane juice is good for people with diabetes in moderate amounts. Certain studies have shown that it helps to maintain blood sugar levels.
  • Cane juice is alkaline. It helps to maintain pH levels in the body and is useful for people with liver trouble.
  • Cane juice is rich in carbohydrates; therefore, it helps as an instant energy fix.
  • It has a low glycemic index, which is good for health.
  • It helps to keep sore throats and flu at bay.
  • It is a healthy, delicious substitute to fizzy drinks.
  • Cane juice helps with quick healing for those with jaundice.
  • It helps to refresh the body instantly and is an excellent cool drink during the summer especially in India where it originates.


Cane juice is great for the skin. It contains riboflavin that is important for keeping our skin fresh and young. Homemade face packs, made from cane juice and turmeric, are herbal remedies used to battle acne. Cane juice also contains glycolic acid, which is known for its exfoliating properties. Candida is a yeast infection that can cause a lot of discomfort as ‘bad’ types of yeast proliferate in the body. Unfortunately, this condition can be removed with a strict diet that includes no sugar, no alcohol, and yeast products. This diet is extremely difficult to adhere to and may require some getting used to. Cane sugar and even cane juice is also to be avoided; however, it is a safest bet when one feels like indulging. Nevertheless, it is best to consult your doctor before going ahead with it.

During Pregnancy:

It is very important for an expecting mother to stay healthy during pregnancy because she supports two lives. The baby’s health depends on the mother’s lifestyle, so in a sense the nine months are very crucial in terms of diet. In general, pregnant woman are advised to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and other foods that are considered unhealthy. Lots of fruit and vegetables, especially those rich in folic acid, are great for both the mother and the unborn child. Sugar that is devoid of any nutrition such as processed white sugar and its variants are usually the ones to avoid. This becomes supremely important if the mother has gestational diabetes. Having cane juice during pregnancy is a good option as it contains nutrients and is therefore better than refined sugar. As always, it is best to consult your doctor for an opinion.

Nutrition From Cane Juice

Cane juice is a healthier version of the processed white sugar that we are used to. It is juice from a sugarcane plant, which has undergone minimal processing. The nutrition facts of cane juice indicate that it is rich in carbohydrates, potassium, and riboflavin. It also contains antioxidants that help the body to fight against free radicals. Let us take a look at the nutrients present in cane juice:
  • It contains riboflavin, a B vitamin. This vitamin helps to maintain healthy metabolism in the body.
  • It contains carbohydrates. This is an excellent source of energy and vitality when consumed in moderate amounts.
  • Potassium is another nutrient found in cane juice. It helps to maintain a healthy body by strengthening the heart, muscles, and nerves. Potassium can also help to combat against high blood pressure.

Side Effects Of Cane Juice

One of the biggest side effects of cane juice is that it contains a fair amount of calories. Drinking too much of it can lead to weight gain. It is therefore best to drink it in moderate amounts. Cane juice is susceptible to bacteria and can spoil easily. It is important to be sure of the hygienic standards of the place where it is made. In addition, cane juice can also cause dental problems such as cavities. Make sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly after having cane juice.


Submitted on January 16, 2014