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The human race has been blessed with a bounty of natural foods to select from to ensure its continued survival. However, the advent of processed foods in the last hundred years has greatly weakened our bodies. This perhaps explains why in spite of the rapid advances made in medicine and hygiene made in this period, the life expectancy has not increased proportionately. In its quest for advancement, the human race has abandoned the natural treasures provided by nature, and it will need to rediscover the health benefits associated with eating natural foods, if it wants to remain resistant to sickness and disease.

Good health is only possible when the body is free from toxins and the cells are able to rebuild as fast as they decompose.

In order to be able to achieve this synthesis, our bodies must be provided with first class nutrients. Powerful pharmaceutical drugs and denatured foods are not the answer to good health, no matter how effective they may be in producing short term gains. If we look at the longer picture, we will realize that it is time to embrace nature again and to rediscover the joys of organic food that our forefathers knew.

The mind also plays an essential part in the preservation of good health. Stress, worry, depression, and anxiety wear down the body as rapidly as they do the mind. This mental strife combined with an inadequate diet renders people susceptible to a variety of ailments. In order to remain healthy, you must maintain a positive mental attitude, and ensure that your diet is sufficient to meet your body’s nutritional requirements. Juice therapy is one of the best ways to start in a direction that will lead to a healthier you.

The effectiveness of juice therapy has been demonstrated time and again throughout the annals of history. In the old days, sailors regularly used to utilize lemon juice to prevent the occurrence of scurvy on board ships. There have been many documented instances of prisoners of war who have survived the harsh imprisonment of their captors, solely on the basis of fruit and vegetable juices extracted from wild plants.

Juice therapy makes all the vital food elements available to the body in a manner that is easy to digest. This is why it is so effective even in the treatment of the aged and young children. Juice therapy can also be used by the obese as it helps to curtail the appetite. Juice therapy also ensures that the body receives its required dosage of vitamins without any possibility of an overdose.

Submitted on January 16, 2014