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How to Lose Weight with Laxatives

Laxatives – A laxative is an external substance that is ingested to aid or induce proper bowel movement when an inability to do so naturally arises. It helps the body expel undigested food sitting in the large intestine and in the colon. A laxative can come in the form of foods, compounds or medication, and is the common solution for constipation.

Laxatives are also used by many as a quick weight loss laxative solution. However it is important to make a distinction here – laxatives do not play a role in digestion, which takes place in the smaller intestine.

They only help expel indigested food collected in the large intestine. Therefore it has no bearing on actual weight loss. What laxative can do however is to reduce that bloated feeling you get due to water retention or improper digestion. This is only a temporary relief however and should not be used as a regular weight loss routine.

How to Lose Weight with Laxatives – To lose weight through laxatives means to rid of undigested food and water that is retained in the large intestine. This rids the person of the feeling of constant heaviness. It creates the feeling of weight loss, but the physical impact is limited to loss of water weight held in the body; this is how to lose weight with laxatives.
Since it is mainly water that is expelled, the lost weight is gained back within a day or two, and the body goes back to its original weight, through regular consumption of food and water.

Therefore it is important to understand that while rapid weight loss laxatives are a good solution to feeling great for a special occasion during a bout of uncomfortable constipation and bloating, it is not to be mistaken for a long term solution and no one should consider going on a laxative diet.

People who ask how to lose weight with laxatives should keep in mind that a laxative diet doesn’t expel calories. In fact by the time excess food gets to the big intestine the calories present in the meal have already been absorbed
It is also important not to get carried away. Laxative intake needs to controlled, as a high uncontrolled dose of laxatives could result in severe dehydration, stomach ache and diarrhea. If abused, it could lead to intestinal paralysis and pancreatitis. Repeatedly use of laxatives also leads to a building of tolerance to the laxative; you begin taking a larger dose of rapid weight loss laxatives.

Weigh loss Laxatives – If you have to consume laxatives, here are ways how to lose weight with laxatives.

•    Only take weight loss laxatives when feeling bloated due to constipation and you absolutely need to look your best for a particular occasion. Even then do so in small, careful quantities.
•    Rapid weight loss laxatives can be used to relieve water retention during the menstrual cycle. This is a common cause of water retention and the feeling of being ‘fat.’ Laxatives can help ease this discomfort.
•    When the constipation is resolved stop taking the laxative. If you continue taking the laxative as a quick fix weight loss solution, the body builds a tolerance and a dependency for the laxative. This in turn harms the body more than fixes it.
•    If you must take a weight loss laxative opt for natural laxatives like herbal teas and fiber rich foods which won’t damage your health but will help you lose the heaviness caused by water retention in the body; in addition they also deliver many vital nutrients to the body. Examples of natural fibers include bananas, watermelon and green tea.

Submitted on January 16, 2014