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Healthy Cleansing Diet

Often daily lives can a take a toll on our bodies. Processed foods, pollution, stress and many other factors play a role in damaging the body’s innate working. Sometimes this damage can be slow and you do not even realize how it affects you. Long term toxicity in the body can lead to all kinds of effects like constant fatigue, low immunity, bloated feeling and a general feeling of illness. These toxins are stores in various parts of the body including fat tissues, walls of the intestines, tumors and hardened mucus.
Some of the unnatural toxins that you ingest include antibiotics, carcinogens, hormone treatments, junk and processed food, pesticides and processed sugar. You can combat these toxics by doing a cleansing diet. It is also called detox or detoxification diet. These diets cuts down on unhealthy things you eat and ensures that your body finds a way to eject all the other toxins. The detoxification diet helps remove potentially toxic chemicals from the body.

A healthy cleansing diet is a diet that does not completely do away with nutrition but at the same time helps the body release all the toxins. Typically a detox diet ensures that you increase your intake of fruits and vegetables and fiber. You are also expected to drink more water, much more than usual. This should ordinarily be unflavored water and definitely without additional sugar and salt. These diets ensure that you do not ingest any more toxins while trying to drain the body of its existing toxins. Drinking as much water as you can helps the organs rid themselves of their toxins that have been ingested through your lifestyle. Urine and bowel movements are the biggest way for bodies to eject toxins. Most detox diets can cause some havoc in the beginning of the cleansing diets but this is to be expected. Most bodies react differently at the start of all cleanse diets. Sometimes when the bodies start releasing the toxins, you might feel tired and mistake it for nutrition imbalances. It is actually your body releasing all these toxins through the blood stream to leave the body. You can get different cleansing diets depending on which organ you want to concentrate on. You have cleansing diets for kidneys, livers, intestines and stomach. You will also need to keep your regular activity levels as usual, including getting some exercise every day. Some diets emphasize on eating one category of foods like concentrating only on alkaline foods. When you are deciding which organ you would want to cleanse, you will also have to decide how many days you want to do the detoxification diet.

Detox diet plans can be easily made with the help of internet where you can make the diet you want, depending on what organ needs cleansing. Detoxification diet recipes, menus, foods and drinks all can be easily made and followed at home. There are many types of detox diet, some based on pills, some based on different teas, and some plans are for weight loss and to lose weight and some cleansing diets are based on only juices. There are diets that work which are designed for athletes specifically. There are even cleanse diets just targeting men and women. These diets usually are soup or drink based without too much solid food and are usually fast diets. They finish quickly and also show quick results.

Liver Cleansing Foods

You can even have diet for definite medical conditions like acne, or candidda or yeast infection, or gout or gall stones. Each of these diets aims at reducing the symptoms of these diseases and reduces the toxins in the body. Detox diets targeted at organs like a diet for the liver list out foods you can and cannot eat. A liver cleanse diet improves the body’s immunity. It regulates the body weight and even improves your appetite. For instance for a liver cleansing diet, you will eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in the raw form with lots of water. Through this diet, you will eat more healthy whole foods like grains and legumes. You should be choosing foods in high fiber and more importantly, low in fat and refined sugars. You can also drink pure vegetable juices, without any added sugar or salt. As the liver cleansing diet is low in fat, you do lose unwanted extra weight and release all unwanted bile from the liver too. Sometimes such diets can lead to some side effects too. These symptoms include headaches, diarrhea, dizziness, fatigue and lack of appetite. Sometimes a colon cleanse is often used after a cleansing diet to achieve complete cleansing. There are many over-the-counter colon cleanses you can buy and use. Sometimes, like in excesses of anything, these detoxification diets can be dangerous and you might need to consult with a doctor.

Cleansing Diet for Acne:

An cleansing foods for acne, for instance, has different foods that you can and cannot have. Acne is usually caused if the sebum producing glands go into overdrive. Hormonal imbalances and constant stress can also cause consistent acne. To prevent acne, foods like fried foods, fatty substances, greasy food and processed foods should be avoided. To get rid of toxins to stop acne, you need to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, preferably organic in nature and drinking lots of water as well. There are some severe acne diets that you might find online but these diets could have other repercussions, mostly causing huge nutritional deficiencies. While on any cleansing diet, you to need avoid foods like red meat, soft  drinks, any form of caffeine, sugar and salty food, alcohol and lunch meats.

Detox diets are a good idea if you have food allergies. If you suffer from lactose allergy or gluten intolerance, you should try out cleansing diets. There are cleansing diets that start with a mix of liquids in the beginning and slowly moving on to solid food slowly. In such diets, there is usually no animal protein. It emphasizes eating raw organic vegetables. Such diets are quite popular with actors as they make then fit, faster.

Submitted on January 16, 2014