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Bronchitis Symptoms

Bronchitis is a painful inflammation of the thin mucus lining of the bronchial tubes that connect the trachea to your lungs. Let us take a look at some of the bronchitis symptoms and treatment options. Bronchitis symptoms in children are very similar to the common cold. These include a runny nose, sore throat, muscular aches, and fatigue. Once the virus settles in the child’s lungs, he/ she may begin to wheeze or develop noisy, labored breathing.
Bronchitis symptoms in kids may include the formation of yellow or green mucus, and this is usually indicative of a bacterial infection. Bronchitis symptoms in children could also be fever, which generally lasts for a couple of days. Your child may suffer from persistent coughing for a number of weeks after the fever subsides. One of the common bronchitis symptoms in toddlers and children is that their air passages become hyper reactive as a result of which they narrow and inhibit the flow of air into the lungs. In a nutshell, bronchitis symptoms in teenagers, children, kids, and toddlers are:
  • A dry cough accompanied by mucus. This cough occurs frequently.
  • Wheezing and shortness of breath.
  • General tiredness.
  • In some cases, fever might occur.    

Bronchitis symptoms in pregnancy sometimes tend to get worse. Pregnant women have nasal stiffness and nose bleeding problems and find it very difficult to breathe oxygen. Other symptoms of bronchitis such as chest pain, wheezing, fatigue, coughing, and mild fever worsen the condition. An over the counter vapor rub can help give you relief from cough. Sleep with a number of pillows propped under your head. It is important that you monitor your symptoms during your pregnancy and seek medical help if you find the symptoms worsening. Bronchitis causes are viral and its effects are similar to a common cold.

Bronchitis Treatment

You can go in for bronchitis treatment at home; that means you could use natural remedies for bronchitis treatment. Bronchitis natural treatment at home is not only easy to follow but also provides quick relief. Drink a glass of warm milk to which one teaspoon of turmeric powder has been added; do this twice a day for quick relief. Another effective remedy amongst bronchitis home remedies is  the use of sesame seeds. Add a little common salt and one teaspoon honey to a teaspoon of sesame seeds, and consume this before going to bed. Effective bronchitis remedies include drinking cabbage juice and onion juice daily.

Here are some additional bronchitis treatment guidelines that will help you tackle the problem: 

  • When you are down with bronchitis make sure you rest well, stay in a moist and warm environment, and drink lots of fluids. This is one of the most effective cures for bronchitis.
  • For those suffering from chronic bronchitis, find out what the cause of your irritation is and stay away from it. Smokers suffering from bronchitis would have to stop smoking. 
  • Bronchitis treatment at home as mentioned earlier is very effective, so make sure you find a treatment that works for you.    
  • If you are suffering from chronic bronchitis, make sure you are properly hydrated as this helps you to expel secretions from your airways by coughing.

Bronchitis Causes

What are the bronchitis causes? Bronchitis occurs mainly during the flu and cold season and is, in most cases, coupled with an infection of the upper respiratory track. Bronchitis is caused due to several viruses such as influenza A and B. Bronchitis is also caused due to bacteria such as Mycoplasma pneumonia. You will be surprised to know that some bronchitis causes are something as simple as inhaling dust or fumes. Smoke and chemical solvents tend to cause acute bronchitis. It is found that the elderly, smokers, and those whose immune systems are weak tend to be more prone to bronchitis than do others. Now that we are aware of bronchitis causes, cures need to be looked at. As mentioned earlier, there are a number of cures for bronchitis. Here are some more bronchitis cures that are extremely beneficial.

  • Add one teaspoon each of pepper powder, clove powder, and ginger powder to a cup of tea and drink it.
  • Another effective bronchitis remedy is drinking a cup of lemon or orange juice to which seven powdered almond kernels have been added.
  • Apply turpentine to your chest every night before going to bed for quick relief from bronchitis.    

Bronchitis Diet

Following a bronchitis diet treatment plays a very important role in treating bronchitis. Your healthy breakfast diet for bronchitis can be a cup of fresh milk to which honey is added. You can have fresh fruits such as peaches, pears, pineapples, and oranges as part of your bronchitis diet for breakfast. You can also go in for an all-fruit diet as part of your bronchitis diet plan. Make sure you avoid tinned fruits and bananas. Fresh lemonade that is refreshing and nourishing can have a strong antibiotic effect. Your bronchitis diet treatment (all-fruit) should then be followed by a diet that is well-balanced and contains fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and grains. Make sure you stay away from food products such as coffee, tea, pickles, sugar, and condiments. It is best that you avoid processed and refined foods such as bakery products and pastries, which are high on sugar. As part of your bronchitis diet treatment, stay away from treats such as candies, soft drinks, and ice-creams. Dairy products and milk should also be avoided when you have bronchitis. Certain foods are known to trigger allergic reactions, so if you feel that they are aggravating your condition, make sure you eliminate them from your bronchitis diet treatment. The foods on this list are chocolates, eggs, milk, and wheat. Include foods that are high in manganese such as beans, nuts, garlic, and leafy vegetables. Herbs such as thyme, watercress, and mint help treat bronchitis.

In addition to following a bronchitis diet treatment plan, here are some other measures you can take:

  • Twice a week, in the night, take a hot bath to which Epsom salt has been added.
  • Deep breathing, brisk walks, yogic asanas, and exercise help deal with the symptoms of bronchitis.
  • Use wet chest packs daily for about an hour. Make sure you do this on an empty stomach.
  • Always consult a doctor if you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms of bronchitis. A confirmation of the same and diagnosis, followed by medical treatment should be the first step. Home and natural remedies can be used complimentary to the medical treatment or as a preventive measure.
  • Seek medical help immediately if you feel that your bronchitis symptoms are worsening.  
Submitted on January 16, 2014