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Red Ginseng Health Benefits

Ginseng is inalienable from the arsenal of any herbalist and with good cause. It is a highly valued herb because of its potency as a cure for various health conditions. The herb is native to the Far East, grown mainly in Korea, because of the suitable climate and soil in the region. Korean ginseng is famous all over the world. Ginseng is not found in its red form naturally.
When panax ginseng is heated either by exposure to direct sunlight or through the process of steaming, red ginseng is obtained. It is marinated in an herbal brew, which leaves the root brittle. The use of steam for this process of preservation, followed by proper drying, ensures that all the natural elements of ginseng remain intact thereby ensuring that no medicinal benefit is lost. Red ginseng is normally produced by processing only Korean ginseng roots. Red ginseng is very expensive because of the time and effort that goes into producing the final valuable product. Strengthening the body’s ability to fight of infections, improving sexual performance and improving the overall quality of life are the main red ginseng health benefits.

More nutritional benefits of red ginseng are as follows:

The use of red ginseng for men is popular, as it helps to increase fertility and sexual performance. Red ginseng is known to increase sperm count and sperm motility. These two factors are extremely essential when trying to conceive a child. Hence, red ginseng helps in treating infertility problems in men. It also increases sexual performance, stamina, mental and physical alertness and libido, thereby making intercourse a more pleasurable experience.


Red ginseng for women is highly recommended when dealing with the hormone problems that follow menopause. Red ginseng promotes the production of the hormone estrogen thereby reducing the severity of the symptoms that accompany menopause as a result of a decrease in estrogen levels. During the reproductive phase of a woman’s life, red ginseng is used to strengthen the uterine muscles and ensure that the uterus receives a good supply of blood. It also helps in boosting sexual drive in women.


Red ginseng for kids should be used in moderate amounts and consulting your pediatrician about the appropriate use of this herb is highly recommended. Red ginseng helps in enhancing energy levels in children and improves immune response tremendously. It also helps in improving brain functioning thereby enhancing mental alertness, concentration levels and retention power.

Erectile Dysfunction

The use of red ginseng encourages the flow of blood to the penis and improves the response of the nervous system thereby improving the quality of erections. Because of these benefits, the use of red ginseng for erectile dysfunction has gained importance. Red ginseng for libido is also recommended as it helps to enhance the sex drive. The use of ginseng thus boosts satisfaction levels thereby ensuring that love making is a pleasurable experience.


The ginsenosides present in red ginseng help in making the body strong enough to withstand the strain of mental, biological and physical stress. They also help in enhancing endurance levels as well as coordination and muscle tone and sharpen the reflexes. These changes lead to a boost in energy levels. Because of these many benefits, athletes use red ginseng for energy in order to improve their athletic performance.


People taking ginseng supplements are believed to be at a far less risk of developing cancer. Red ginseng is used for cancer treatment as it helps in prohibiting the further growth of cancer cells. It is also believed to be beneficial in converting abnormal cancer cells into normal cells. Red ginseng also reduces the risk of a relapse of various forms of cancer by strengthening the body.


Red ginseng is believed to be beneficial in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. The use of red ginseng for diabetes has gained importance as it helps in reducing the level of glucose in the blood stream. It also helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates in diabetic patients. It controls cortisol levels too thus preventing a stress related rise in blood sugar levels.

Red Ginseng Dosage

Like many other supplements, ginseng also has certain side effects, especially if consumed in excess or if taken for a prolonged period of time. The use of ginseng for a long stretch is not recommended at all. In most cases, a gap of two weeks after every three weeks of usage of the herb is recommended so as to prevent the risk of complications. Consulting a doctor with regard to a red ginseng dosage is a must since each person’s body may react differently to this herb.

If clubbed with certain medications, the use of ginseng could cause complications and hence must be used with great caution. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding must avoid this herb completely. People suffering from hypertension should not use ginseng as it could result in further elevation of blood pressure levels. When due for a surgery or just after a surgery, ginseng should not be consumed as it can bring about bleeding disorders. In some cases, an overdose of ginseng supplements could lead to conditions such as sleep disorders, nausea, fatigue, edema and decreased appetite. More on health benefits of American ginseng

Red Panax Ginseng Benefits

The word panax is derived from the Greek word panacea, which indicates a cure for everything. Therefore, the name panax ginseng is used for an optimal form of ginseng that is known to provide a cure for a wide range of ailments. The ginsenosides present in red panax ginseng extract benefits the whole body in some way or the other. The ginsenosides are also known for their innate ability to stimulate the central nervous system and provide the body with stability to deal with various forms of stress. This component which has properties similar to those of a steroid also helps in enhancing blood circulation and boosting energy levels. It also enhances the body’s ability to fight of disease and infection causing germs, thereby strengthening the body manifold. Red panax ginseng also helps in balancing out metabolic activity in the body while stimulating endocrine activity. Since panax ginseng has the ability to maximize the functioning capacity of cells and improve cell regeneration, it is used widely for anti-aging treatment. This wonder herb also helps in reducing the levels of alcohol in the blood stream thereby preventing the risk of alcohol induced damage to the various organs in the body. Red panax ginseng is also known to be valuable in the prevention of cardiovascular disorders by lowering the levels of harmful cholesterol and boosting the levels of good cholesterol in the body. This herb also helps in regulating blood sugar and blood pressure levels in the body. The treatment of conditions such as Alzheimer’s is also possible through the use of red panax ginseng since it brings about mental and physical alertness by improving brain function. It thereby reduces the chances of senile behavior, while improving memory. It also promotes better concentration levels and enhances retention power.

Chinese Red Ginseng Benefits

Just like its island neighbor, China too cultivates ginseng. Like Korean red ginseng, Chinese red ginseng also brings about a change in the body’s ability to react to various infections and diseases thereby improving the quality of life. Chinese red ginseng benefits also include better cardiovascular health, increased energy levels, relief from various forms of stress, enhanced sleep patterns and better stamina. An improvement in sexual performance and mental ability is also a benefit of the use of Chinese red ginseng.
Submitted on January 16, 2014