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Ashwagandha And Health Benefits Of Ginseng

This herb is a native of Siberia and has been used in traditional medicines in China. The Chinese make an energy tonic from ginseng; while research has shown that ginseng can treat stress and can increase the level of mental alertness.
The American ginseng is scientifically known as panax quinquefolium. It was first grown in the late 1800’s in the United States. The scientific name has been derived from the Greek word ‘panacea’, which means ‘all healing’. The Native Americans used it in several of their concoctions.
Ginseng contains Saponin triterpenoid glycosides, polysaccharideglycans, vitamins A and B6, zinc and quinquefolans A, B and C.

The American ginseng as well as ginseng in general, has several compounds that have a strong affect on the kidneys and adrenalin glands. It is the adrenalin glands that secrete hormones to ward off emotional and physical stress, and it is believed that the impact of ginseng on glands can help the body fight stress. Ginseng can treat chronic fatigue syndrome. Ginseng has two varieties: American and Asian. The American ginseng is supposed to contain cooling properties, while the Asian ginseng has warming properties.

Ginseng Health Benefits

Let’s look at the benefits of American Ginseng:

  • American ginseng roots can be made into a tonic that can boost the level of energy and help the body combat fatigue.
  • American ginseng is good for the functioning of the adrenaline glands and is good for reducing physical and mental stress. Those who are suffering from anxiety, stress, fatigue, can take this herb’s help to build up their stamina and sooth their minds.
  • Packed with antioxidant properties, ginseng is good for building up the immunity in the body.
  • Health benefits of ginseng include disease fighting properties. Ginseng is used to treat circulatory problems, asthma, bronchitis and altitude sickness.
  • Ginseng also decreases the cortisol hormone in the blood; thus, helping people with diabetes.
  • Ginseng can be used for preventing and for curing several diseases. It strengthens the body; acts as an aphrodisiac; soothes inflamed mucous membranes; energizes the body; and, stimulates the digestive system.
  • American ginseng is used for treating several brain conditions. It can even slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s; stimulates the nerves; enhances memory and concentration; and increases the activity of neurotransmitters in the brain.
  • This herb is good for overall cardiovascular health.
  • Ginseng is supposed to be good for women: it improves sexual activity; increases the estrogen in women; and, relieves menopausal symptoms. This herb is also good for men and reduces impotency, and may even increase sperm count.

Ginseng is an herb that is native to areas in Asia including Russia and China. It is a herb that is one of the most popular ingredients in ancient Chinese medicine. India and China, among other countries, have a rich heritage in ancient medicine. These ancient medicinal practices were based on the healing powers of many different plants along with fruit and vegetable extracts. Using these natural ingredients, doctors and scientists in these ancient cultures formulated many different cures for a variety of different medical conditions. Modern medications are a result of recent scientific progress that has occurred in the last few decades. For centuries before these modern inventions have come to be, people have depended on these ancient cures. In modern times, some ancient cures are being re-invented as it is found that they are applicable in modern medicine as well. A growing popularity for ancient remedies is taking place at the moment with natural remedies being increasingly preferred over medication. Ginseng is one such natural product that is gaining in popularity across the world. American ginseng is a variation of the plant which has a similar chemical makeup.

The American ginseng plant is visually slightly different from its Asian counterpart but it is believed to have similar benefits as traditional Asian ginseng. American ginseng benefits therefore include stress relief and a general improvement in health. Although there are noticeable health benefits of American ginseng, one should also understand the relationship between American ginseng benefits and side effects. The improved circulation of blood in the body that is considered to be one of the important American ginseng health benefits may also produce some rather serious side effects. Ginseng is known to thin the blood which helps with improved circulation. On its own, this is not a problem. However, when ginseng interacts with medications that are used for blood thinning, then the patient may suffer from excessively thinned blood. This can lead to bleeding disorders and other conditions that may even lead to medical emergencies. Other health benefits of ginseng include improved mental performance and improved health among patients with type two diabetes. Both of these benefits are associated with an improvement in the circulation of blood around the body. If the brain is better fed, it will be more active and more likely to function properly. The same applies to the kidneys and the insulin producing glands of the body. Improved nutrition is likely to yield improved performance from these parts of the body. 

Among the many ginseng benefits, the most common benefit is related to stress relief. This is one reason why ginseng is becoming increasingly popular once again. Modern lifestyles tend to be extremely stressful. As jobs become more and more intense, individuals have begun to struggle with the effects of stress. Stress causes mental and physical problems in human beings. During periods of stress, the body produces hormones that raise the individual’s blood pressure in order to deal with the situation of stress. Small periods of stress are not harmful to the body and may actually be beneficial. However, repeated and continuous stress is a serious health hazard. The number of stress related medical conditions is rising across the world. There are some studies that are attempting to link the increased stress levels with the increased number of people suffering from physical illnesses and disease. The logic to this argument is that stress reduces the individual’s capacity to deal with diseases over a period of time. This leaves the body susceptible to these diseases. Even if this is true to a small extent, it is enough for an individual to seek a cure for stress as there is no benefit from continued exposure to stress and stressful situations.

Ginseng benefits linked to improved blood circulation helps to reduce stress and so the flow of blood in the body becomes more efficient. This helps with every single aspect of the individual’s health as blood circulation is a basic action of the human body. Ginseng benefits are usually gained from pure extracts of the plant. Most herbal ginseng benefits get diluted if there is excessive processing that takes place. Processed versions of ginseng are therefore not recommended over natural versions of the same substance. This applies to American ginseng benefits as well. These benefits are best experienced when the plant is consumed in its natural form with minimal processing. Of course, one needs to process the herb to extract its beneficial substances. However, chemical processing should be avoided as far as possible.

Ginseng benefits are also variable as some patients may not respond to ginseng as well as others. Ginseng benefits and side effects are therefore, to an extent, experimental. Patients should consult with their doctors about ginseng benefits and dosage before using this medicinal plant.

One may consume food with ginseng to gain the various ginseng benefits. However, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind when one seeks foods with ginseng. Like every other stimulant, ginseng needs to be consumed in moderation. Ginseng benefits apply to an individual consuming a small quantity of this substance. Furthermore, ginseng benefits for men differ from ginseng benefits for women as men and women do not have exactly the same reaction to ginseng. The consumption of a huge quantity of ginseng is likely to cause problems. Some individuals may even experience effects similar to that of poisoning. Therefore, there is a fine balance between American ginseng benefits and side effects. Another thing to be wary of is the often wild and unrealistic advertisements of American ginseng benefits. While these claims of ginseng benefits are often true, they are usually true in part and not as a whole. There is no wonder drug that can cure all the ailments of an individual. The consumption of ginseng will likely be beneficial to the individual. However, one should also understand that the benefits are linked to other factors such as a healthy diet and healthy exercise levels. Individuals who eat poorly and do not exercise may continue to suffer from the ill effects of stress and other conditions even after they have consumed ginseng and its byproducts. There is a lot of debate and discussion regarding Ginseng benefits in skin care routines and ginseng benefits for weight loss. However, most doctors urge caution to their patients who seek American ginseng benefits for such reasons.

Submitted on January 16, 2014