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Radish Health Benefits

Radish is a vegetable with thin white skin and thin white flesh. Radishes can be eaten raw (in a salad), cooked or pickled. It can be red, white, purple, or black, either round or cylindrical in shape. Radish is a root crop which is pungent or sweet and has a lot of juice. The oil obtained from the radish seeds is also used.
The other parts of this vegetable that are consumed are the flowers, pods, seeds and leaves. Radish is also known as Daiken in some parts of the world. It is advisable to soak it in cold water as this retains the crunchiness and freshness of this vegetable. Radish is also rich in vitamin C.

The heath benefits of radish are:-

• Stimulates appetite.
• Helps in digestive problems and relieves constipation.
• Dissolves gall stones.
• Helps in respiratory problems as it is anti congestive.
• Beneficial for hair, nails, gums, teeth and nerves.
• Good for diabetics.
• Has a mild diuretic effect and helps to increase urine production.
• Cleans the kidneys and prevents kidney and urinary infections.
• Radish juice also cures the burning feeling during urination and inflammation too.
• Helps in reducing obesity and with weight problems. Radishes are very filling.
• Has been known to help tuberculosis cases.
• It is a good detoxifier and helps to heal piles.
• It is low in calories, digestible carbohydrates and contains a lot of water. They are high in roughage.
• Radish has been known to help cure certain cancers some of which are colon, kidney, stomach, intestinal and oral.
• Its anti carcogenic and detoxifying properties help in the treatment of Leucoderma. Radish seeds are used for this.
• Radish contains phosphorus, zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B-Complex which are good for the skin. The water content of radish is good for maintaining the skin’s moisture.   
• Smashed raw radish is a good face cleanser
• Radish also cures skin diseases such as dryness, rashes and cracked skin.
• It is an effective treatment for insect bites, bee, wasp or hornet stings. The juice reduces the swelling and is soothes the area affected.
• It fights infections that cause fever and bring down temperature too.
• It is especially beneficial for liver functions – it regulates the production and flow of bile. It also removes the excess bilirubin from the blood.

Apart from the above, it is also a good appetizer and mouth freshener

Submitted on January 16, 2014