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Vitamin B Complex

It is a well known fact that the human body requires a certain amount of thirteen different vitamins, in order to function in the right manner. These include Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex and Vitamins C, D, E and K. There are eight different vitamins that are a part of Vitamin B complex.

What is Vitamin B complex?

Vitamin B complex can be described as a group or an entire family of eight essential water soluble vitamins. Earlier on the entire Vitamin B complex group was regarded as one single Vitamin.

However, this group has now been divided into 8 different categories. The vitamins which are included in the Vitamin B complex group are:

• B 1 Vitamin (Thiamine)
• B 2 (Riboflavin)
• B 3 (Niacin)
• B 5 (Pantothenic Acid)
• B 6 (Pyridoxine)
• B 7 (Biotin)
• B 9 (Folic Acid)
• B 12 Vitamin (Cobalamin)

Vitamin B complex benefits

Since there are eight different vitamins that are a part of the Vitamin B complex family, there are various health benefits that have been associated with each. In fact many health experts recommend Vitamin B complex for weight loss since it helps the digestive system and improves the absorption of carbohydrates. Some health experts also advise parents to include Vitamin B complex supplements and foods in their children’s diet, since it promotes growth and can help them grow taller. Given below are some of the other common Vitamin B complex benefits:

• It can help in getting rid of stress and tension
• It helps improve the functioning of the nervous system.
• It improves eye sight and overall eye health
• It maintains muscle tone and heart health
• It prevents the oxidation as well as the neutralization of the free radicals within the body. This helps in delaying the aging process
• It reduces acne problems
• It regulates the proper functioning of the adrenal glands

There can be two main Vitamin B complex sources; the first one is Vitamin B complex rich foods and the other is Vitamin B complex supplements. In order to enjoy the various Vitamin B complex benefits, health experts usually advise people to consume a high amount of Vitamin B complex rich foods. Some of the foods that are high in the various B complex Vitamins are:

• Avocados
• Beans
• Brown rice
• Cauliflower
• Cereals
• Clams
• Corn
• Dairy products
• Dried brewer’s yeast
• Eggs
• Fish
• Green leafy vegetables
• Liver
• Meat
• Nuts
• Oranges
• Peanuts
• Peas
• Pork
• Potatoes
• Soy bean
• Wheat germ
• Whole grains

It is very unlikely for a person to suffer from an overdose or any adverse side effects by consuming high amounts of Vitamin B complex rich foods. However, in case more than the daily recommended dose of this vitamin is consumed through Vitamin B complex supplements, then it could lead to many severe and harmful side effects in a person. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that any Vitamin B complex supplements are only added to a diet after checking with a doctor. Vitamin B complex is often recommended for underweight individuals and pregnant women to help boost their immune system.

Submitted on January 16, 2014